Alex Jones was right

  1. The greatest advertisement against far left policies is often just watching the inevitable results of them unfold within a limited controlled environment. That’s why I think it’s a bit of a tragedy the Soviet Union collapsed (at least for the west). Unfortunately the eventual generational lapse in memory (along with bad historical education) has allowed most to forget why it sucks! And their are not a lot of modern examples that can’t be gaslighted as something else to readily point to for point of reference.

  2. Some are redpilled and don't even know it, because they stay off the internet and never learned the term.

  3. and yet, I have to admit he surprisingly gets a number of things right that seemed bat shit crazy at the time he said it

  4. He’s going extra crazy because of how much people discredit him for being “lunatic”, but to be fair he has been right about a lot of shit so I don’t mind hearing his wacky ideas.

  5. I agree he says a ton of crazy shit. However, quite a bit of what he says is actually true. Plus, he’s incredibly entertaining to watch.

  6. Meanwhile millions of kids continue with their indoctrination blue pill therapy at all of the public schools across the country. We are losing the next generation faster than we are gaining other generations.

  7. Only problem is there are still to many people out there looking for someone to pay their way and will vote for that.

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