1. It’s one thing if you just can’t work, but another if you won’t. Finally, a country has found that difference.

  2. Welfare should be used as a safety net to help people get back on their feet, not as a permanent state of living.

  3. Man, I’ll never forget the old lady who lived next to us growing up. Worked all her life at the local nursing home. She lost half of her foot due to diabetes I think, and could barely walk.

  4. Then let's certainly hope Italy isn't one of those places where 'sex work is real work' rhetoric is mainstream.

  5. It is good, but it can have consequences too. In Germany they had a brief period where women were offered jobs in legal brothels and turning that down meant cutting benefits. They later carved out an exemption to sex work.

  6. I agree, it is not a perfect system. Some jobs should be differently regulated than others. That being said, there are plenty of peolple who abuse unemployment benefits.

  7. Welfares for those who are unable to work and in need of money to get by. Not a single cent for sloths who are perfectly eligible for employment yet refusing to get a job.

  8. It should be that you only can get a month or two and then you loose it (obvious exceptions to disabled etc) and you can only get back on if you have a few months of taxes, if you constantly going onto benefits then you loose it all together for a two years, those who immigrate into the country cannot go onto benefits until they have 5 years of paying taxes etc but only receive limited benefits until 10 years of work.

  9. And like half of the country (Movimento 5 Stelle, coff coff) is mad at it because "muh the poor people". They are the ones who introduced it, and it's literally paying for votes.

  10. Most European countries actually have this kind of policy. The issue usually isn't accepting/declining job offers, but accepting and then calling in sick until you get fired. Can't cut benefits for getting sick...

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