Hopefully there are more of these hero nurses out there

  1. What this nurse did was wrong. You can’t force someone to get vaccinated and you can’t lie about what you’re injecting someone with.

  2. I’m 100% against people being forced to get any vaccine, but this isn’t a “hero.” You can’t just lie about what you’re injecting into someone’s body. I’m glad I never got the shot, but if the patient wanted the shot, that should have been their choice.

  3. This. If the patient consented to being given a placebo, then she definitely is a hero - risking her job to give the patients what they want, rather than what they're being bribed, bullied, scammed, or pressured into.

  4. That reverse story is exactly what is happening. Nurses and politicians are being hailed as hero’s for forcing people to get vaccines they didn’t want, and lying to everyone about what was in the “vaccine” and that is was safe and affective and so on. They also lied and refused to provide treatments that were actually safe and effective, which definitely resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths at minimum.

  5. Although I'm glad she did what she did your point is valid and I cannot disagree. Having said that I'd be surprised if some number of the people she deceived were not now pleased for the deception, having learned after the fact that their initial decisions to be jabbed were based on fear fostered by deceptive propaganda, and absent appropriate warning as to risks associated with the jabs.

  6. The thing is one is way more immoral than the other. A saline solution doesn't do anything, it's the same as not being jabbed. If you really want it you can get it later. When you forcefully get a vaccine in, you can't get the medicine out of your body.

  7. People were lied to, and these were elderly patients. They don't know what's best for them. As a nurse, they probably have seen the damage the vaccine has caused. I applaud every act of civil disobedience in this scam.

  8. Well, to your point, we now have an excellent, albeit unethically set up, control group of elderly patients. Why let the data go to waste?

  9. Agreed. This isn't heroic it's hypocritical and unethical. The people wanted a vax for whatever reason and she agreed to give it to them. If she couldn't then she really should have spoken up and/resigned.

  10. This is a perfect control group. Their survival rates need to be analyzed immediately against a similar group of vaxxed old people.

  11. People are too jaded by the vaccine to realize what this nurse did is fucked up. Injecting people with something they didn’t ask for after they accepted the risk of the vax is seriously fucked.

  12. No one that’s vaccinated knows what they’re getting injected with, because the inserts of the contents in the vaccine are all blank. And also, who has died from getting a saline injection?

  13. The people who were getting the shot were coerced into doing so and not making a properly informed decision.

  14. have we had an honest appraisal of the vaccines efficacy? ive seen that england and sometimes australia will list by status byt even then there is the trickery of listing people dying within 14 days of shot as unvaxxed, and there is the immune suppression that happens right around then, so on the whole, i would love to see an independent audit or 3 on this. i dunno.. we just jabbed up 5 billion people with shit that didnt work well when it was being developed in non faucian emergency thymes

  15. This is just as bad as forcing. You don’t get to make medical decisions from other people. She’s not a fucking hero.

  16. “Saltwater”. That’s an interesting way to say saline, given that saline solution is used all the time in medicine.

  17. Thank you for coming out against Fauci, the NIH, and the big pharmaceutical companies that pushed the injections.

  18. I work at a senior home and saw what a wave of covid does before and after the vaccine. From multiple deaths to none, so this isn’t a big win. The elderly are the ones who need this vaccine the most.

  19. Don’t agree with injecting something that was not asked for but it probably did a lot more to protect them, hell her fault is that it should have had more vitamin D

  20. So, wait. Now everyone here's suddenly pro forced clot shot? What the hell's happening here? Brigading?

  21. Exactly. It’s way past time we used the same dirty tricks they’re using, always playing by the rules while they break them isn’t gonna win us a single thing.

  22. I'll repeat the scenario I just used. A bunch of people in here are acting like the people were supposed to go into the cage with the rattlesnake, and she put them in the cage with the cobra instead. What really happened was that instead of putting them in the cage with the rattlesnake, she just didn't put them in a cage with any snake.

  23. This is nice and all, but it won't matter. We're going to lose a couple billion people from this vaccine, starvation and dehydration within the next few years. Always remember, COVID was created for the vaccine.

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