$223k to people who never were slaves, paid for by people who never owned slaves

  1. It's Newstrom buying votes so he doesn't lose his own state's primary in 2024 like Harris did. There's 0% of a chance of this going through and 100% chance of its failure getting blamed on White conservatives.

  2. I doubt it, it’ll generate more people suckling at the ideological teat for dopamine calling for the mass murder of anyone not loudly extolling the virtue of this. Until some kind of energetic/charismatic leader pops up I’m only concerned when they have a disenfranchised group of people to collectively use as a human shield. If they don’t have that they just kinda continue existing and whining

  3. I’m whiter than white, blonde hair blue eyes but I do have an African American slave ancestor and the DNA to prove it. I have a feeling I would be disqualified immediately due to my looks and skin color. Part of me would love to head to Cali just to be a fly in that ointment. Lots of white Americans are the descendants of African American slaves and I hope they come out of the wood work.

  4. Well. If you vote D then you get paid. If you are black and vote R you don't. Just like how larry elder was called the black face of white supremacy. Also if you don't vote for biden then you ain't black.

  5. I remember being taught in school that the Chinese built the railroads making $1 a month and many sent part of their salary back home to China. So yeah, you should qualify.

  6. Lol remember when leftists were whining about Abbot spending 12 million dollars to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities?

  7. I'll find a way to reclaim my California residency while remaining in Washington State, lol! I know, they're sill trying to hit me up for state taxes for 1996 when I left the state in the summer of 1995. They can deduct my now $2000 state tax bill from the 200k

  8. I think California should go for it. I also think Federal tax dollars should not be spent bailing out a soon bankrupt California if it does choose to spend over half a Trillion of their state tax dollars on this.

  9. Spending money we don’t have to give to people who many of them weren’t even alive during Jim Crow, let alone slavery. And many of the people who will end up paying it weren’t children or not even born yet under Jim Crow, so they are being punished for something they never even took apart of.

  10. If they take the $200k does that mean Dems will finally shut up about racism, get rid of affirmative action and let everyone get along in peace and brotherhood like we should? If so I’ll take that deal

  11. It is called buying votes. Every politician on every country in this planet is doing it. He is pulling a Johnson (see what LBJ said about the african demographic).

  12. If would almost be comical to see this happen were it not for the fact that it would almost certainly nuke CA's economy, which could easily have ripple effects across the nation. Can you imagine how the average low income family of 4 would react when they suddenly have a million dollars in cash? The cost of housing would get even more stupid, there wouldn't be a car to be bought in the entire state, etc. I think Gavin is trying to create The Great Reboot all by himself.

  13. And at the end of a year some will be better off and most will be right back where they started. Money without financial education is fleeting.

  14. it is a great idea and we can expand it so every race in America gets the same amount...since we were all slaves at one time

  15. Just another lie to keep peoples hopes high. Like Biden and the whole student loan lie. When will these people stop believing their lies.

  16. this is so fucked.... and what about all the asians, native americans, and other ethnicities? I guess they're shit out of luck then and should be contributing to the supposed "crimes" that they never committed and "privileges" that they're "enjoying" from their ancestors right?

  17. Ok so how will they find the descendants of the Africans who enslaved their own people and sold them to others?

  18. I support reparations. If someone can prove that they themselves were slaves they should receive compensation from someone who personally, actually owned slaves.

  19. The democrats are against equality. Putting the suffering of black people from 150 years ago on the backs of regular working-class Americans, most of whom immigrated to the US well after the civil war, is criminal.

  20. Im actually in favor of this nationwide. That is as long as we never bring this bullshit ever again in any shape of form. Bitch again and you will pay it back plus interest!

  21. It’s cute that you think they’ll actually get $223K. At best they’ll get a tenth and the rest will enrich Newsom’s major donors and family.

  22. How in the hell is California still remotely functioning as a state with all the entitlement programs and bills that it pulls out of its ass?

  23. A part of me greatly suspects, this is nothing more than a PR stunt by a man going through many different corruption, scandals and controversies, whom still has aspirations for the oval office. Like a typical Democrat, distracting people with bread and circuses, and promising people things they know they have no realistic capacity to provide neither in a logistical sense nor legal basis. This is probably gonna go down in flames in very much the same way as the student loan forgiveness scheme by the Biden administration did so predictably. It’ll be rightfully, struck down by a higher court, as flagrantly illegal not to mention, ironically racist and discriminatory. And then the Democrats will turn around and blame it on a allegedly Republican controlled judiciary, depriving the people of their handouts. Likely using it in their campaigns in the next presidential election.

  24. Hmm, might need to take a quick vacay in California. If dumbasses are going to just give away money, there's no sense in not exploiting them.

  25. I'm fine with it. States rights, right? Let all the Californians pay out billions in reparations futher forcing out conservatives and inviting more freeloaders to the state.

  26. Nice victimhood if you can get it, watch out for a lot of racial awakings, self identifying relatives of slaves & 'G'/Dawgs pronouns.

  27. I have mixed feelings on this. I obviously see this for the stupidity that it is and we shouldn’t do it, but at the same time my wife is black and this would almost pay off our house. Why must life only consist of trade offs!😩

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