Canada Pacific Railway lockout! - Fertilizer & grains will hit the roof

  1. MOS been climbing like crazy last month or so but has flatlined. I have shares and was planning on selling til I saw this. Would a shortage hurt MOS since they are U.S. based?

  2. I wish BNSF would lock us out. Fuck the railroads. We live a shitry lifestyle and haven't received any raises and they want us to take concessions on insurance.

  3. Rail traffic was already super fucked before this. I can’t imagine Tacoma and Vancouver are going to have easy times shipping the thousands of backlogged containers east either.

  4. How will the situation look if lockout ends in a few weeks, MOS drops? Also, is there a source for fertilizer delivery market share?

  5. if the lock out ends MOS will pull back, but the effects on the supply chain will continue long enough so the price should have support even at high levels.

  6. It’s not a strike, it’s a lock out. I don’t know Canadian law, but I’m guessing that the union strike fund, probably doesn’t pay out on a lock out. And if it does they will try to keep them out until it’s depleted. I hope they started a special assessment of the members for this contingency

  7. It looks like this is affecting CNR (Canadian National Railway) more than CP's stock price. I'd have thought this would be good for CNR since they could pick up the slack.

  8. Raw materials for Diesel exhaust fluid is urea and water. Urea is nitrogen fertilizer so let’s look at trucking maintenance companies as getting a windfall in their good value rising. What’s a company that supplies diesel treatment chemicals to consumers?

  9. Another layer- doubtful Ukraine will be able to plant in spring or harvest winter wheat this summer. Not looking good

  10. So they get mad at the truckers for staging protests, and freeze their bank accounts, now when you will need trucks the company does this… timing is wonky IMO, like a government movement on organized labor or something, we only let you think you have freedoms, when it’s necessary and in governments best interests

  11. there is no spare capacity to take over what the railway transfers. Besides, how are you going to take it to the port in the first place?

  12. Boats are probably a lot more expensive than rail, plus you have to get it to the boats and if that's not by rail? Truckers and gas are expensive as fuck. The boats probably have other contracts to ship stuff too.

  13. yes. I did. As the share price goes up, the value of the calls I bought will increase. The faster/higher the price rises the more disproportionately the call price will rise.

  14. Any update on the lockout or strike? I tried googling it but didn’t find much. I bought a April 8th $70 mos call because of your post! Now I just wish I woulda have bought a bunch of them. It’s up 60%, so thank you.

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