Either you have a large cock or you dont wheel tqqq. Best option to wheel in the market par none. Infinite money glitch. Guaranteed.

  1. I mean you are accepting all the downside risk and capping the upside at a dollar above your basis. Its a high probability trade and I also sell options in TQQQ but don’t fool yourself into thinking you found a money printer. You are picking up pennies in front of a steamroller.

  2. You're not picking up pennies, you're picking up nice amounts of dollars. And yes for this strategy capping up the upside on a dollar is by far the smartest move, you're collecting the most immediate premium in order to not have to hold a bag and consistently grabbing premiums from selling puts. Best case scenario you never have to even have to sell calls because you want to avoid picking up shares to begin with

  3. Selling puts and CC if assigned on tqqq for heavy income generation over time. If you don't know what "wheel strategy" is than go watch a video

  4. No you fucking can't the litteraly other point is to then sell CC ATM or 1 dollar over. Incredibly unlikely that they won't hit in the near term, especially considering you picked them up for 10-15% less than current price of writing the put

  5. I do this same exact strategy but on pro shares ultra Bloomberg crude oil UCO. Those premiums are an infinite money printer, it’s also only 2x leveraged instead of 3, so way less risky. I’m also bullish on oil thanks to my fiend Vladimir.

  6. I can tell you’re new to the wheel strategy by how optimistic you are about it. I challenge you to think about it a little more than just a binary event.

  7. Prefer running the wheel on QQQ or SPY or something else rather than a leveraged stock, premiums are still good and less risk of bagholding

  8. I have thought about TQQQ many times. IMO it might seem logical to allocate 10% of your portfolio but only after a substantial tech crush. So far it is only 50% from ATH. Not good enough. I would start considering only after it is about 80%-85% from all time high .

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