Alright boys time for some classic WSB degeneracy, this broker let’s me over leverage myself to the fucking moon and back, so come Monday I will either be the first trillion-air in the world or have a margin call so expensive my blood line for thousands of years to come will be In debt!

  1. If everyone was wondering the bank makes 10 dollars for every 100 dollars so if the 87trillion goes through the bank fees will be so expensive everyone will have to up their prices and you will be the only one that can pay for it you’ll be a millionaire in this world and everyone else will have no home or food

  2. Imagine this goes through because of a tech glitch. And the MM’s AI algos start trying to hedge which leads to a market crash. Then OP makes trillions.

  3. Unless it’s one of those next-gen AI-powered market-making algorithms, which can instantly calculate out and get immediate underwriting & execution for all hedging activities against dumbass retail tesla call buyers, by sending all of these orders to a totally-arms-length Cayman Islands-based OTC options whale with ocean water pledged as collateral.

  4. No one is borrowing anything until the contracts would be filled. They literally cannot be filled, because there cannot be sellers to fill them (even at ITM options, let alone at the lowest strike possible).

  5. Anybody that will suck a dick for a million dollars will also suck a dick for $50k (possibly less). It's a law of nature.

  6. Glad I turned on the no-meme filter this morning. Good luck to your bloodline paying off that debt.

  7. Reporter: Today, Tesla, Wall Street and Taco Bell has been sold to a previously unknown Trillionaire that just magically appeared. Our man in the street has more on the story.

  8. I'd like to buy land and turn it into a national park and also start a kids program to introduce them to nature. Help a guy out if it goes through?

  9. This is the best thing I’ve seen all fucking week, I for one look forward to Elon musk’s rich boi status being cucked by some random redditor

  10. The thing about these electronic systems is that the safeties and limits were programmed by humans. You never know when you come across some glitch in the system and some retard from reddit can throw the markets into chaos literally overnight. It's a long shot but for the first time in a long time I am excited for Monday

  11. Nah, they all have terms of service that protect them in case of a glitch. There is no way they would honor OPs position, if it even went through in the first place.

  12. How in the fuck do you manage to leverage that much... you somehow aren't the most retarded person in this situation. Your 2 brain cells ganged up on the broker's 1

  13. The thought of how you could give literally every commenter a million, and it would barely dent the first billion let alone trillion is just.. mind boggling to think of in concept.

  14. Is it what it is, Jeff and Elon are gonna be pissed for putting in decades of work for some glitch to out do them😂

  15. His lack of response makes me feel like it went through… cause if I was in this boat, I’d say screw everyone and focusing. I mean, I say screw everyone anyways but if this was my post, I’d say screw you then too.

  16. God this is ridiculous. You truly are an amazing example for us all. May I put in a request for $2,000,000? I promise to use $1mil to do something truly stupid.

  17. Just checked their website, and they claim 1.99% interest on margin loans, quick back of the soiled napkin calculation says that the interest on that loan is $4.7 billion dollars a day. ($1.7 trillion divided by 365).

  18. If this goes through, you'll owe more money than most countries. You will be considered an economic disaster by the UN.

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