Today, at 21 years old I received the highest amount of money I've ever had times 50

  1. i remember my college mate telling us to buy Lehman AFTER they went to pennies on the dollar. Said they'll be back

  2. Especially after that damn stock randomly pops to like .10 or .25 for no reason other than this dude mentioning it on here. Then he gets greedy and tries to ride the lightening and buys in at .25 and loses it all when it crashes back to .02

  3. He was down 2-3 in S&D and clutched the 6th round and finished the final round w killing all 4 people and getting the defuse to win the game

  4. $73,515 specifically. I am not a day trader so I don't know what sort of fees and whatnot are levied on that or how much of that is taxable though.

  5. I don’t know if you guys are joking when you say this but genuinely didn’t understand any of that but I’m jealous that people have money and I do not

  6. As others have pointed out bankrupt doesnt mean worthless. Very large companies declare bankruptcy to give them wiggle room to continue operating and get back on good financial footing. Imagine you could tell all your creditors "fuck off for a year and ill pay you less than i owe you at 0%..or you can have 5%.."

  7. Bankrupt does not always mean the end of the company with all assets liquidated. Often it is a restructuring of debt and the company goes on its merry way.

  8. Yes i can. Bankruptcy doesn't always mean 'close the doors and go home'. Bankruptcy is simply stopping debt payments and restructuring the company. Lots of companies 'went bankrupt' then became successful. Strategic bankruptcies happen all the time.

  9. Bankruptcy means legally telling all debtors to eff off and then carry on with your day. No one’s going to trust you for 7-10 years, your credit is shot, but many companies declare bankruptcy so the don’t have to shut down the business.

  10. Chapter 11 is technically bankruptcy protection. Doesn’t mean the whole company is shitted, it just means they are gonna fix a bunch of shit and for lenders to leave them alone for a little. Lotta huge firms have filed chapter 11 and came back big. Chap 13 and 7 are the bad ones.

  11. Bankruptcy means different things for a company than a person. For a company, bankruptcy means you don’t have the cash on hand to pay your financial obligations. For a person this is usually due to losing your source of income, but companies’ source of income is their business model, so if they can continue to operate they can at some point hope to pay their obligations if they were lower/they had more time to pay.

  12. It is with great honor today that I bestow a glorious congrats and fuck you on this fine Friday.

  13. I've seen it first hand with a company that went defunct and delisted, where some stock manipulation was happening, and shady takeover shit involving left over assets... I just know something shady was happening because it was practically a useless shell company but someone wanted it for some reason. I honestly can't recall the actual specifics, but for whatever reason it ended being like 200k shares at .80 each.

  14. Am I an idiot? This company consolidated shares 50:1 on two separate occasions .... And somehow you ended up with almost 3 million shares?

  15. Sit on the money for 1 month. Don't touch it, don't tell anyone about it, and don't buy anything other than like a few little things (like $300-$500 total). For the love of God, don't yolo it all into one play. Save around half for taxes and pretend it isn't even there (you won't spend that much on taxes but you also won't spend it either.) The tax man gets his cut or else.

  16. Yeah but how much where you in for??? I mean if you sunk in 65k and came out with 70k you should quit now and go find a Wendy’s nearby? I need to see some screenshots. This tells me nothing.

  17. Fellow 21 year old here, Can I get a shmol loan of 1000$ bucks and eat some lunch with it? I promise I wont buy calls with it and lose it all

  18. 42 here. I’d like the same loan but my terms are different. I’ll use $500 immediately on a fat sack and a hooker. No negotiation there. But with the remaining 5 hundo I’ll invest it in a Yolo OTM ARKK call and we both get rich or aids.

  19. If thats not for you, I am a 31 year old who will lose the $1000 buying calls. BUT, if I don't lose it by some weird miracle, I will return it to you +$1 for the generous loan.

  20. Don’t spend it all in one place grasshopper. Now is a great time to enter markets. ETF that shit and don’t touch it until you’re 65.

  21. This is dumb. Let me give you real advice OP. Don't take anyone's advice. Why? Because advice is free and the people giving it to you don't have to suffer the consequences of what goes wrong. Do with that money whatever you want to do. Buy a car. Buy videogames. Go to college. Whatever. I can't tell you the number of people I've seen work hard and then die in their late 30s or early 40s from random medical shit. Life is short so do what you want with it and tell everyone else to fuck off if they get in the way of your dreams.

  22. uh Sir? are you there? I cant see anything but black in your eyes. Would you like fries with that i-i s-said? t-t-t-that'll be 9.70...

  23. Don’t forget to pay your taxes. Like now. Otherwise your riches are going to make you miserable when the IRS climbs up your ass.

  24. Nice man, glad something at least went your way $70k is a lot but you'll need to pay taxes, so after tax how you planning on utilizing all that profit?

  25. I am still kicking myself for not buying Hertz right before the bankruptcy. It was like a buck a share or something like that then it went bankrupt and they settled at something well above that and now it’s $20.

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