Daily Discussion Thread for June 24, 2022

  1. Tesla isnt even going to be a footnote in history. Its just a ponzi scheme by another rocket-strapped name

  2. imma beginner and this place probably isn’t the best place to start off but what are the best cheap stocks to invest in?

  3. I feel bad for people going long when we’re already up 3% at 3:45 today. We didn’t retest 380 in spy just gapped it. Volume wasn’t really there either. Calling bs on it. Monday gap down. Positions I Took Today: /3x Aapl 139p 7/8

  4. I think the Russell rebalancing caused a lot of buying from institutions trying to get their index funds out ahead of the volatility -- this gives the illusion of market reversal and retail follows suit causing a temporary bear market rally. I think it gets really volatile next week then turns down late in the week or the Monday following the Russell rebalance.

  5. Honestly it's like this sub has forgotten what diamond hands is just because the inverse dip has been labeled "bear market rally". Stay stronk

  6. Made money this week on this rally but this seems fishy. I predict an incoming bloodbath next week. Could be an earnings run up befote shit gets crazy

  7. I think we get a run up net week.. after that... the world burns.. short term calls long term puts.. you will make money both ways. Also play futures. good way to ride the wave in-between

  8. Oil on the rebound. Pretty interesting that a bunch of news about “tight supply lines” came out as USOIL retested the trend line today. Especially when 2 days ago we had a massive surplus. Huh.

  9. VIX is volatility. It often inverse correlates with SPY because less uncertainty often inverse correlates with higher perceived value. But when everyone is like "aw man it's totally going up but I don't know how much!" then volatility can go up at the same time the market is rising.

  10. ok.... fuck this.... im switching to long dated calls..... on specific companies.... not 2dte puts otm on the spy....

  11. You probably kept buying puts during covid. Market does not give a shit about pain and suffering in real world, it is only forward looking.

  12. Bear market rally. This is similar to the March one where bad news just stacked up until the market just vomited for a few months afterwards.

  13. Just a question of can I afford to keep rolling my puts over before this shit show collapses

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