lol this went well 🛏

  1. Why the hell are you playing with that much money on robinhood? Get a real broker so you play SPX options and get that sweet section 1256 tax treatment. Instead of paying short term cap gains on all that, you get to treat it at 60% long term cap gains no matter the duration.

  2. This is either a) photoshopped b) 1 leg that is part of a 1 wide vertical spread, in that case he made less than 5 figures,for wsb that aint shit. Or possibly even lost a few thousand. c) the account of a retard trust fund baby

  3. Not only is it obviously fake from his post history / open interest+volume data / desktop RH screenshot, but also no one with half a million to gamble is stupid enough to trade SPY weeklies instead of SPX options or ES with 60-40 tax treatment.

  4. Please don't, please sell now. This amount of money would change my life for ever you should take it and run I cannot imagine not selling right now.

  5. If this is real how would you unload 1,000 calls when the volume for today for that option is 100 and the total open interest is 1,300? Would it take 10 days to get rid of the 1000 options? Or do you have 40 million $ to exercise it?

  6. Holy moly this is why I hope they never take option trading away. This is absolutely amazing and congrats and fuck you. Fuck you with absolute most respect 🙏

  7. Take the money and run! I bought SPY puts at 3 today, but congrats on that win no matter what you do now

  8. If I've learned anything pics like this on Fridays lead to a bloody bloody week to follow. Buy your calls in the first 5 minutes of trading Monday and you'll catch the gain train 🤣

  9. Wow nice. I made a killing on PSNY today but gave it all back with SPY puts. Still holding though so I can make it back next week.

  10. I've always wondered what some of you guys do to be able to gamble a million dollars like it's gas money which is kind of similar to a million dollars now that you mention it 😂

  11. Awesome I bought 10 $385 SPY July 15 calls a week ago Thursday for $2.85 and sold them for $12.25 today. Nothing like your profit though

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