Raul Neto to Cavs

  1. Farewell, wolfman. If you were just 3-4 inches taller you would be a beast. He's gonna look pretty funny standing next to all the Cavs' massive dudes.

  2. Haters gonna hate, but I always liked Neto even if he wasn't as great last year. Was a key piece his first year with us and played above his contract. Wish him the best backing up Rubio in Cleveland.

  3. Dog the Neto slander in this sub was insane. Without rehashing it, he had his moments both good and bad, but you woulda thought he stomped on a baby lol. Remember when he said the best Brazilian steakhouse around was in Cleveland?!!

  4. Thank god! he always showed effort but was a black hole on offense to a point it was sometimes painful to watch

  5. Honestly he really outplayed both his contracts and provided value for the team. Too bad the team had to play him so much that the fanbase resents him now.

  6. Some games dude would come in and shoot up absolutely everything, sometimes would give us a spark but other times would be so infuriating

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