Man on bike narrowly avoids bus on turn

  1. Yeah like I saw the first guy and thought "the bus clearly stopped for him" and then second guy was a little closer then damn that guy almost got clipped into a wallHOLY SHIT THREAD THE NEEDLE MY GUY THREAD THE NEEDLE!

  2. "That shit wasn’t funny! Then I suppose in your little sketch Stevie crashed in a tree, right? Ha-ha, very funny, motherfucker!"

  3. Yeah, also most of the time it's a phone camera recording of a screen. It's nice to get the source file on display this time.

  4. That's an awesome place to have your helmet. He didn't even care that it fell, I guess he doesn't needs it

  5. If the words of the late aryton senna who said "If you don't go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver" are anything to go by, that scooter dude is a fucking racing GOD

  6. God to him “Go west, no matter how many obstacles try to stop!” He didn’t even stop for his helmet which probably he was wearing on his knees.

  7. They were all close to the bus. They keep getting closer and closer. First 🥇 guy is kinda close, 2nd 🥈 guy is even closer and then the 3rd 🥉 guy barely missed it.

  8. The guy in the bike is amazing!! That last bit avoiding the tree and that huge curb…this guy is a fucking LEGEND!!

  9. Both bus and bike driver may not have seen each other right away since it's after a curved road. I wouldn't take a turn on that part.

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