Region of Waterloo council repeals bylaw requiring face coverings

  1. On TVO today, 3 medical experts across Canada, including Peter Juni the head of the Ontario Covid Science Table, all said it's too early to lift masks because we do not have enough data about the true impact of Omicron due to limited testing. 2 of the 3 experts also referenced how cases have risen in countries that have gotten rid of all Covid precautions.

  2. As medical experts do not recommend this, I think it does have to do with the election. I suspect that municipalities are going along with it because if they don’t, what is happening in Alberta will happen here and municipalities could lose their ability to make any bylaws concerning health. Kenney is going ahead with that in response to some municipalities in Alberta choosing to keep masks mandatory. And Ford would likely do the same considering how willing he has been to interfere with municipal governance and his pettiness in doing so.

  3. I don't think it has much to do with the elections. That isn't until June and if this backfires during April and May and they have to bring back masks, that's going to piss off Doug Ford's support.

  4. Kind of surprising how many morons are in the comments acting as if the sky is falling with this change. Here are the facts

  5. Like most threads about this topic, most people replying think it's too early. But I think those who want to keep wearing a mask will quickly realize their Reddit echo chamber isn't very reflective of reality. I think it'll take a couple weeks for most people to stop using them all the time, but I think the vast majority of Ontarians will stop. If you look at the Alberta, US, UK and other countries where it's voluntary you can see the majority of people don't use them anymore.

  6. 🙏 Life must carry on. I agree; if you’re uncomfortable around people who aren’t wearing a mask, put on an N95 or use curb side pickup. I’m fully vaccinated, I’ve already had covid, and so have many others. Any type of immunity is more effective than wearing a disposable mask. And covid isn’t going anywhere.

  7. I’m fully vaccinated and I’ve had covid. Hybrid immunity — or any type of immunity for that matter — offers substantially more protection than wearing a disposable mask.

  8. Initially, the reason they put in the mask bylaw in the first place was because the province hadn't instituted one. That, and businesses wanted something to point to so that they could justify requiring masks and neuter some of the opposition.

  9. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I'll probably continue to wear one until I feel like I'm the odd one out in most scenarios.

  10. People who are making a fuzz abiut the mask mandate are the ones who believe that COVID is a government propaganda and not a natural virus.

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