Today, while exiting Zehr's Beachwood...

  1. I belong to a community that gets frowned upon where I was born. I tell everyone any time you hear any hate directed towards you - do twice as better as you are in life - show your aggression towards accomplishing something. Feeling sorry is bullshit.

  2. How would this random person know they were Jewish? Why did OP need to make a point of their race, would it have made a difference if they were another nationality? I’m guessing it’s because apparently this is the second time a “similar demographic” has done this.

  3. Hate to say it but alot of people dnt think it's an issue to say anti Semitic comments in Canada they play it off as a joke most the time. I can't speak for Waterloo I was born and raised in mtl and delt with it my whole life just based off my last name. I am not visibly Jewish being I'm only half. I'd like to hope someone wouldn't openly say that towards you for no reason and you heard wrong but I also know these things happen

  4. I mean... you do call yourself an overzealous idealist lol. Maybe you just met another overzealous idealist but from a different faction 😉

  5. If this is real, I encourage you to report it at It's not a lengthy police interview or anything, just a simple online form. It's run by the Coalition of Muslim Women KW, but it's for all kinds of xenophobia and the form has options specifically for jewish people.

  6. I'm not sure how a Jew in Canada benefits from Israeli subjugation of Palestinians, but it's easy for most people I know to make the distinction.

  7. I was chatting with someone who used those exact words. While it is not something that I would say, it did not seem to be that bothersome. Perhaps these words are offensive to some, but not all.

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