Dress 1 or 2? Please help!

  1. Replying to top comment for visibility I said YES to DRESS 2! Thank you all for your input, it's been so helpful, truly. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I downvoted you because I thought you were voting 1 and then corrected myself when I actually read it. ITS 2 WITHOUT A DOUBT.

  3. I love two! They’re super different dresses, but your posture and presence looks incredible in the second! The first is still pretty but it’s a bit more stiff.

  4. 2 makes you look like an absolute rockstar! I want to be at the wedding of the bride wearing dress 2 because you know it’s going to be a good time

  5. I honestly love both and they are very different styles so I’d ask what the vibe of your wedding is. 1 looks very beachy/outdoorsy and 2 is more glam, so pick your dress based on your wedding vibe.

  6. Number 2. Personally I feel like dress one makes you look about 10 years older. Or else dress number 2 makes you look 10 years younger.

  7. Number one looks like a million bucks on you! They’re both nice, but I think number one looks a bit more special. I feel like if you wear number 2, you have to wear pearls with it; it’s a “demure” dress and number 1 is stylish and a bit sexy.

  8. I appreciate the feedback.1 offers more in way of details and fabric. 2 is more of a "blank canvas" that I can style into whatever I want. I also like them both but I felt like a BRIDE in 2. It's a wedding gown vs a wedding dress IMO.

  9. At first, I was going to scream, “ONE!!!” But after seeing two… I have to scream, “TWO!!!!!” It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

  10. 2: compliments your tats rather than fighting with them. Sexy, powerful, with that gorgeous train giving you kick-ass elegance. You rock that dress!

  11. I’ve never had a harder time choosing. You are gorgeous and both your dresses look stunning on you. #2 if you promise to wear the combat boots. #1 if you’re going more classic.

  12. Defo 2! I love the boots with it too and i dotn really like docs but this looks awesome! so cool and edgy. It fits in with your style. Looks wicked with your hair colour and tatts. I would love this dress!

  13. Definitely two for all the reasons listed by others- but I will add- rock those tattoos! One covers up that beautiful artwork and two lets it shine! ❤️🥳🥂

  14. My personal choice would be 1, but for you and combined with your total vibe and the boots(which are awesome) I would go with number 2!!! But ultimately it's whatever one you can't stop thinking about.

  15. Maybe because the second dress is a much better fit but I feel like it is so incredibly flattering on you. Where as #1 doesn't do anything positive as far as I'm concerned.

  16. You're totally right! The sample of 1 was tight AF. Had it been bigger, it may have looked LOTS better. But still, I think I'm sold on 2! Ty for your help!

  17. If you plan on wearing your docs like in the second dress' photo, I would 100% go with 2. 1 is pretty on you but 2 feels like THE dress.

  18. Number 1 Is gorgeous but highlights a belly bump … needs rouching (sp) there — number 2 is stunningly classy but needs some dazzle

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