Mine I was 14 years during my visit to Germany

  1. I started this year (age 32) I’ve always been against the use of marijuana I just believed what they told me ,it kills brain cells, causes lung cancer, etc. I started due to health problem and boy do I wish I started sooner 😂. Weed has given me my life back I’m able to go to work again. I’m overall a better person because of this beautiful plant.

  2. I am so glad to see people finding out that this helps for more than just getting giggly, happy to see people doing better because of it! But I can understand how you were deterred before, we didn't know much about its medical properties because it was illegal for so long.

  3. This was me too, as a epileptic, the medications side effects were too much lost over 100lbs in 2 months my brother begged me to at least try it, I did ate a ton rest is history, 9 years strong now holding a steady weight all thanks to marijuana.

  4. I was 16. Took a big hit off a cart not knowing how strong it would be. Ended up slouched in my chair for like 4 hours straight. Just played Red dead redemption mindlessly while drool came out the side of my mouth lmao.

  5. 13 during a summer visit to my friend's house. We were outside helping his step father and went inside for lunch or whatever only to find his mother and her two friends sitting around the dining room table smoking a joint. One of the friends, a chubby blonde woman asked if we wanted a shotgun hit and proceeded to pull a literal double barreled shotgun from the corner, cracked it open, had me put the barrel in my mouth, took a hit and blew the smoke through the barrel. Then she asked if I wanted to see the one-eyed weasel and whipped a titty out, laughed at my gawking at it and then put it away. First view of a real nipple and first hit in the same afternoon...I miss the '70s.

  6. 9 or 10, my mom was a single mom, she found a joint in her closet, and didn't want to smoke alone. She smoked with me and my sister (12 or 13).

  7. like 13-14 i took a few hits from a joint and was watching a creek and all my friends were talking to me but I couldnt hear them I was like zoned in on the creek and running water then i finally like snapped out of it. It was weird but I remember everything having a yellow tint and being slowwww. I love weed it honestly is the only reason I was able to have a social life and make it through college.

  8. 9 walking down the side walk found a bag went to the tree house started a fire threw the bud in there and took a nap till mom sent the police looking for me.

  9. 18, I was always a goody two shoes growing up and kinda went a bit wild at 18. Smoking weed seemed wild to me back then lol

  10. 24 lol. I know I was a little late to the game but I'm actually glad I didn't get into it when I was younger. I just feel I got into it exactly when I was supposed to

  11. 12, I rarely smoked at that age though and at 13 I started puffing rather chronically (3-4x a week). Now I'm 19 and I smoke around 2-3g a day.

  12. At 14 I smoked the shittiest half gram ever in the woods out of an advanced auto parts receipt, but to this day I’d go back and do it again

  13. 13 by the creek homie paid 40 for 1g of what i don’t even think was weed, didn’t get high. turned 14 smoked some gas with other homies sister went to jupiter. 🪐

  14. I’m 33, started at 31 after years of being against it. Then one day I realised that I’d been lied to my whole life and thought “fuck it”.

  15. I started significantly younger (17) but I had a similar transition from hardcore DARE kid to where we are now, having gotten off 5 different meds thanks to cannabis. There's a lot of us former anti-drug kids that turn into massive stoners haha

  16. I was 7 when my sister made me smoke weed in front of her friends for laughs. I didn’t enjoy it till my early teens.

  17. I was eleven on a trip to some abandoned gold mine camping with my dad and granda and a few cousins and uncles, well I stole some cookies my dad said I couldn't have.. you probably know the rest

  18. 13/14 can’t remember. I think the first time was 8th grade or summer going into high school. It’s been a while.

  19. 14 as well, friends tripped me out. It was bad, had an awful traumatic experience. Didn't touch it again until I was 23. Now I medicate eery day, and I'm never looking back.

  20. Was a few months shy of 16 years old, remember being proud I was able to wait longer than all my peers but my older siblings (who I knew only for a couple years at that point) wanted to blast with me my first time. I took one half hit out of a lung. Remember not feeling anything for like 15 minutes asking my sister why and she just said "just wait bro it's about to hit you like a tonne of bricks then" man she was not lying. You know that old commercial with that chick just melting into the couch? Exactly how I felt for better part of four hours lmaoo I've never felt time distortion like that in my life either. It was either going incredibly slow or it was straight up repeating. Like some strange rewind effect kept going on in my head lmao. Been smoking ever since though

  21. 17 and since then chronic smoker because I always had weed. I turn 21 in 10 days :P might be addicted

  22. Waited till I was 19 I first tried it, then at 22 I started smoking over drinking and at 24 still smoking cause I don’t feel like death after I smoke.

  23. had to have been 12. my brothers smoked me up on the weekends that summer. didn't become a full on stoner till years later like 17 years old.

  24. I got my medical card a day before my 51st birthday in July. Wasnt really ”against” it but just never cared for it. Now I see I’ve missed out all my adult life. I did try a joint with two friends when I was 15 lol

  25. I was scrolling for a story like this! So many people are getting on board now! I love it! I live in Canada and apparently one of the largest groups of new users is seniors. Been hoping my parents take it up 🤣

  26. I first tried at 20. Actually started ingesting weed on a regular 2 years ago. I’m 48. I’m part of that whole “just say no” generation who was lied to about this awesome plant. I completely believed Nancy Reagan and D.A.R.E. Fuck them both.

  27. 16 was my first time intentionally smoking, first time accidentally smoking because I thought it would be a good idea I took a small hit from this unknown vape which I learned later was actually a dab

  28. 14 and it was an edible, I also smoked for the first time at 14 but i didn’t realize how it mixes with alc….

  29. 15, my best friend had tried it the day before and was raving about it. So my mom gave us a little and got high with us in our living room. I got really high first hit, coughed so much I thought I was going to shit my pants. At one point I went into my mom's room fanning my cheeks with my hands and told her, "I can't stop smiling!" Then we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  30. A Christmas party with my whole family playing dnd, I think I had just turned 16. We took an intermission and all my sisters plus my mom dragged me outside and were like "hey try this". Needless to say the rest of that game and the night after were a blast

  31. Like 13 or 14 (germany). We were chilling on a playground next to a school, when a dealer pulled up on me and my homies. I'm glad that I only smoked once every few weeks since then, because now I know, how bad weed can be for a young, not fully developed brain. And politicians here act as if weed is hard to get for minors, when in fact, dealers are actively seeking up young people to sell them stuff. Politicians somehow think, that a legal market is worse for the protection of the youth. The funny thing is, now as an adult, I have a hard time finding a plug, but I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem if i still went to school. SMH

  32. I want to say 18 but k can’t remember tbh. Me my mom and step dad (and little sister) were visiting in his family in California and my mom suggested I try edibles so later we drove around for an hour looking for a dispensary xD

  33. 14. In the backyard shed of my local elected official, with his genius son and some other nerds. We're all stoner engineers and coders now except one guy who grows weed in a trailer park lol.

  34. I took my first hit when I was 13 out of a bubbler apparently I kept trying to say big words and they j came out as gibberish

  35. 20, with my brother and my cousins at my house. They had been smoking for years but I was a "good Christian kid" all through school and stayed away from drugs and alcohol. I figured since I was an adult now, it was okay to try it. And it was legally purchased from a dispensary, so that put my mind at ease too.

  36. I started late but went hard once I picked it up. I think my first time I was 16 or 17, but for a while I didn’t really hang out with anybody who smoked. Once I got to college at 18, that changed. Then when I visited home I made sure to start hanging out with the stoners. So like, once at 17 would be my guess, then been a stoner since 18.

  37. 13-14, didnt even know what effects it causes and how it looks haha, it really changed a lot and Im happy that I did it :)

  38. Bro your first time smoking weed was in Germany? That’s hard to beat mine was on the side of a lake in Ohio at 13

  39. About 13, my older cousin introduced me to beer and weed on the same night. We were sitting in his car in the driveway listening to Status Quo and Led Zeppelin while the oldies partied inside. Over 35 years ago now... shit.

  40. 17 y/o before class one day. Everyone was getting to school late due to a bad accident on the road, so the school didn’t care people were late. I had the worst performance anxiety in my life. I usually gave 110% in my classes but that day I just didn’t brain for the entire 8 hour school day. I was gone. My teachers didn’t say anything and let me be. Never again before I need to focus on something.

  41. First time I smoked it and didn't get high I was in 7th grade, the time I really consider my first is when I was 18 because I actually got high.

  42. Man first smoking experiences just aren't the same ,getting so high tech lol. my first method was smoking from an aluminum with a box of matches haha.

  43. 17 knew a dealer, my mate brought up wanting to get it again I wanted to try it worst mistake of my life I ended up in McDonald's til it closed tripping balls but second smoke was better on the beach beach friends.

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