What so that white spot on my bud?

  1. Only this specific bud...and only. because some fucks made this a hot msg.. I think most are here for the same reason...

  2. It’s just cake, that’s it’s slang term I’m not sure if there even is a scientific term for that bio product, or it could be fungal mildew that can grow on the leaves and flower of the plant. It’s harmless.

  3. If you don't grow the cannabis yourself you could have already smoked a multitude of nasty shit. If you trust the source, give er.

  4. Without a clearer photo, it’s impossible to tell. Could be mould? If it is, you don’t wanna smoke it but as I say, impossible to tell.

  5. I’d love to tell you, if only the picture weren’t a complete blur zoomed in. Most likely it’s nothing, but if you post a visible picture someone could tell you for sure if it’s something to be concerned with. If you’re that worried, discard the white part and smoke the rest.

  6. Weed can have all sorts of colorations! It's probably fine! If anything, it's a mold that won't be harmful after it get burned

  7. I work customer service. I had a customer take a picture of a print out of a picture that was emailed to them. Made it way to complicated.

  8. Mold if you smoked any of it in a week or so the spores will attach to your lungs 🫁 and the fungi will slowly start to compress down on your lungs and you will slowly lose your breath until you die 🪦 R.I.P👊

  9. its the stem mate. not to worry. im high as fuck rn so i kinda completely compulsory forgot what im saing but yk its fine just smkoe it and have a nice time ill send u lots of love <333333

  10. You’re gonna be fine, it’s just a little frosty. If you’re still unsure then I recommend you send it to me, where I will test it out and let you know whether or not it was safe!

  11. Typically frequent white spots on weed is bud rot, but as someone who has dealt wi try it. That is certainly not bud rot

  12. Mold attacks and fully colonizes the inside of whatever it infects the "white spots" you see on the surface are the fruiting bodies that produces spores so it can fuck the rest of your shit up.

  13. Could've been a seed pod. You def would be able to tell if this is mold. It also changes the smell slightly.

  14. I see the white spot but it doesn’t look nefarious to me. It doesn’t look like mold. The worst possible thing that it might be (too hard to see) is it could be a spider egg sack. But that’ll just be extra protein.

  15. My dad used to ask my friends when they came over if they knew what the white in bird shit was. The answer more bird shit then he would laugh and laugh. I still think fondly of that dumb dad joke.

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