My bowl broke so I made one from a carrot.

  1. I made a snap bowl out of a baby carrot once it’s probably the best vegetable/root to make a bow out of. Doesn’t last more than like a day or two tho

  2. If you do find yourself in this situation I’d only recommend using it for that specific sesh, you can’t really store it in the fridge/freezer it’ll be soggy when you take it out & you don’t wanna risk a throat infection from letting anything propagate on it, it is a piece of veg after all. Same thing with apple pipes and anything else made out of fruits/veggies

  3. Yup, single use only. But it's organic and biodegradable, so it's earth friendly! Good job. This oldish stoner hippy approves.

  4. Clever my friend. I also recommend taking a small pumpkin and turning it into a "bong" without water. Scoop out the seeds, cut a whole for the stem.

  5. Definitely, I use to use make apple pipes an carrot one hitters but I’ve been thinking of making a bong out of 2 carrots and a watermelon

  6. I’d only be able to come up with this idea while already high. But I’d forget it 2 min later and have to start the whole cycle over again.

  7. Great skillz! This post is far better than giving us a picture of a bowl smashed to bits, then asking if it can be glued together.

  8. Two days ago I got a new bong, and it’s the one you have! Mine’s a mix of green and clear glass. If my bowl ever breaks, I’ll maintain your tradition and go carrot.

  9. I've been smoking for 12 years, and ive broken so many bong bowls, and not ever did I think of doing this, that's amazing

  10. This is genuinely genius, the amount of times I've not been able to have a bong due to bowl related issues and the answer had been in my refrigerator the whole time.

  11. Yup probably the best veg to use for this imo, or carving up piece of an eggplant would work too. You want something firm that’s not too juicy and doesn’t oxidize/whither fast like apples

  12. Had nothing to smoke out of once and had heard you could use a apple. About 10 minutes later I was smoking it through a apple, worked pretty good.

  13. Yup I have a glass pipe but sometimes I get the urge to go back to basics & make an apple pipe or a carrot one hitter. Plus you have an after smoke snack

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