What’s the best food you’ve made while high?

  1. Same dude, we invited over a bunch of friends including a professional cook, got completely fucked up and just made an ungodly amount of smash burgers

  2. Started gardening this year for the first time ever, grew some bomb ass green peppers and tomatoes, putting those in my sandwich was fire.

  3. Bacon, cheddar, and spam melt. With pickles (dill) and a heaping helping of kimchi and horseradish. It might just be the high talking but it was the BEST.

  4. Wagyu steak with salt pepper and Jaccos seasoning with sourdough bread toasted with melted cheddar cheese+avacado+sprouts+cilantro sandwich is the ultimate stoner food imo

  5. Ya know those salty crackers... I was too lazy to put my tuna and mayo mix on it so i threw it all in a bowl and crushed the crackers in the tuna, 10/10

  6. Bowl of cereal Captain Crunch or honey nuts either or take the spoon cover it in a layer of peanut butter and then just eat the bowl of cereal

  7. If you dont put mayo on your sandwich you literally have no idea how to enjoy yourself. Where i live, every sandwich you order has mayo in it by default

  8. I found one of my kids kool aid bursts (like the old school plastic twist off tops that used to have the ugly faces) it was fruit punch and it felt like liquid from a realm beyond our dimension of space and time entered my mouth and body. I was entirely zooted.

  9. Yo I just made a fire sandwich just like this yesterday and literally thought this gotta be my best one yet while high lmao. Roast beef, provolone, mayo, mustard and pickles on toasted bread. Mannnnn 🔥🧙‍♂️

  10. Aweeee man you toasted it 😂😂 not gon lie I was originally supposed to add bananas to these sandwiches and have two separate ones, my high ass was jus thinkin bout how good the shii was Rey be and started eating

  11. PPBJ or a Pop tart PB&J is one of my prouder ones. Instead of jelly, use a fruit pop tart and add peanut butter for a fairly self contained sandwich

  12. You would be far better buttering those slices of bread, toasting them and eating the popcorn separatly

  13. 1 - Toast covered in almond butter & drizzled with honey (add banana slices for extra texture & taste) 2 - spaghettios with blue cheese crumbles lmao 3 - McGangBang (Mc Chicken spliced between 2 dollar menu cheeseburgers)

  14. Ramen with toppings, I can usually keep it to one frying pan. Microwave noodles, Fried Spam, Seaweed, sirracha, scrambled egg, seasame seeds.

  15. Ones of the first times I got high, I ate 10 sloppy joes with mustard and shredded cheddar. I would've never thought to eat something like that but at the time that was the best food in my existence I cried

  16. Cooking, even preparing a nice simple sandwich can be very nice, you should try, it's better than crying until the hunger fades away

  17. I once made the perfect juiciest savory buttery salmon with lemon and honey. With a slit crisp on the skin. Nice golden brown on the meat. The thing is i dont remember exactly what spices i used, so for 7 years straight ive been chasing this mystery salmon from my memory.

  18. Cooked up a whole fuckin chicken and a fat slab of meet on a fire while me and my boys kept burning down bats. Great time.

  19. Bro I cook all kinds of stuff but cooking is something I enjoy like deserts I do crème brûlée, cookies, cake etc, steak is always bomb or chicken in tons of different ways seafood etc, I don’t cook while not stoned lol

  20. I once made some homemade buttermilk biscuits at about 1am one morning while lit. Woke my gf up and asked her if she wanted some and we sat in the dark eating fresh warm biscuits in the middle of the night.

  21. There are these pancake on the go cups that are really good, and I was gonna have one with some ice cream the other day...but when I went to get the ice cream, I discovered my husband finished the rest of it, so I thought it was a good idea to just take an ice cream cone and break it up and have that with my pancakes instead. I've had no one to share this with so ty for this thread lol

  22. Made a devils food double layer chocolate cake with homemade fudge icing. I don’t know if it took me three hours or 30 minutes, but it was amazing and I ate half of it. Tried a piece the next day sober, and it really was delicious. I’m sometimes amazed at my creativity and capability while totally baked.

  23. I put noodles in water on the stove, forgot about it for 2 hours and when I found it, it had turned into a cake. Very rubbery... tasted disgusting 😂😂😂

  24. My go to is always a microwaved quesadilla with whatever I can find in the fridge. Or my go to McD order 3 hot n spicy sandwiches sub mac sauce and add tomato, pickles, minced onions and cheese and a large coke. Damn now I'm hungry as fuck.

  25. Take an egg roll wrapper. Fill with peanut butter and jelly. Roll it like an egg roll. Deep fry. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. 🙌🏻

  26. I didn't make it but there is a place in Scio Oregon that serves poutine with FRIED CHEESE CURDS and some delicious gravy. Holy shit that was the best food I've ever eaten while high. Never had anything top that.

  27. Dessert pierogi when I worked for a local chain called King’s! Half a Frownie (Brownie with a frown) folded in a piece of our cinnamon loaf, dipped in batter then fried. Along with your preferred dipping sauce lol shit almost hit the menu

  28. Fried runny egg, season with garlic salt, paprika, and minced onion. Put that between two pieces of toast with mayo and lettuce. Add a slice of sharp cheddar or your preferred cheese and there you go, the hangover sandwich, or the "I'm so stoned I need to eat SOMETHING"

  29. I made my own Alfredo from scratch, and the sweating from the whisking had me light up again before I actually ate it lol. But stoner brain said, add a splash of soy sauce, and it was amazing, really amplified the parmesean flavor.

  30. it was a grilled cheese sandwich with 3 kinds of cheese, bacon, and french onions, dipped that fucker in some lite ranch

  31. The pizza roll sandwich. Two slices of bread, ranch dressing, and pizza rolls. Later on down the line I took a couple of frozen burritos and made a burrito sandwich. My ideas aren't very creative but they get the job done

  32. Not very glorious but some really hard and crunchy kettle chips and your favorite ice cream goes STUPID

  33. Let me put you on sum bro take and egg and stir it then put it in the microwave for a min and then get two pieces of bread and toast them then but peanut butter and jelly on them and put the egg in the middle of both pieces shit smacks bruh

  34. Before getting high in the past I used to cook a full healthy dinner for my hubby and our friend so we had something to eat for munchies that wasn't chips.

  35. I made an onion ring sandwich, it was literally just onion rings,bread, and ranch. It was the most glorious thing I've ever made

  36. Jesus christ, Gordon Ramsay would be proud of this comment section. Sounds like ppl turn to Michelin Star cooks while high

  37. I do everything while high, cooking included. But probably this onetime I got pretty creative and made Mexican style “French” onion soup with quesadillas full of a bunch of different kinds of cheese and herbs

  38. I was partying with some friends and when we got home we thought that a home made footlong was the best option. That was the best fucking footlong ever. Turns out the secret ingredient was the devils lettuce hahaha.

  39. Fried cut up hotdogs in spicy cheddar Kraft dinner, add some shredded cheese while hot. Kinda gross, definitely not good for me but damn, I love it.

  40. I get those cheap lil pasta ronis and peel and cut up some jumbo shrimp, jalapeno and some garlic cloves. Sauté your shrimps jalapeno and garlic, take em out and set to the side. Start your pasta roni (I like the fettuccine Alfredo) and add a chonk of cream cheese. Season it up and add back your shrimp jalapenos and garlic in the last minute. Sometimes I also add broccoli and of course cayenne for hear and paprika for color.

  41. I should preface by saying I'm a pro cook. Every once in a while I go on a cannabis some cid induced cooking adventure. The last great thing I made was some Japanese style curry buns I saw in an anime.

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