Wolf spider? I fear my mowing interrupted this very thicc gal and what seemed to be a smaller male. Very laid-back demeanor and her shade of rusty brown was striking. Jeju Island, South Korea.

  1. Did you just interrupt the nuptials of these two? She's a strikingly beautiful rust colour! We don't have wolf spiders anywhere near as big as she is.

  2. There was a smaller one with more of a drab brown shade to it. With a smaller abdomen I’d assume it was a male. Others are suggesting its a fishing or nursery spider, though there aren’t any significant bodies of water nearby.

  3. I'm not familiar with South Korean species of spiders but it doesn't appear to be similar to the wolf spider found here in Michigan, at least in coloring.

  4. Yep, agreed that it looks like a nursery web spider, not a wolf spider. They are commonly found in this rusty color, among many other tans, browns, and yellow-ish tones. The shape of the body, abdomen, and leg pattern look consistent with nursery webs!

  5. It's a full/pregnant female Asian brown fishing/dock spider (Dolomedes sulfureus). They usually live near water to hunt small fish and water invertebrates as young adults until they grow older and bigger.

  6. woww i get wolf spiders in my garden but they never get this big! they also don’t look exactly like this lol but what a cool little thing

  7. While I do know this is perfectly good and solid advice, growing up in a country where the most dangerous animal you can encounter is a bee, I've always found it a little weird to have to be careful around such small little things.

  8. This person is at least wearing gloves. Not 100& protected but doesn't warrant the level of alarm I'm seeing here especially for this species.

  9. Good advice, but I will say if you live in the US and are familiar with the only two venomous species (black widow and brown recluse) enough to recognize them I think it’s pretty safe to pick up a spider that’s not one of those. That said, I don’t really know why you’d want to.

  10. I’m convinced no wolf spider is chill. They mostly appear to want to murder me. If that’s a wolf spider it’s certainly different from the ones around me in WV.

  11. I wanna kiss that big fat brown abdomen of hers, i'll take the risks if i have to (I used to kiss the fat abdomen of my late tarantula)

  12. is that uh.... safe and not weird to your tarantulas? I have a hunch that it isn't, just a hunch.

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