What the hell is this fella?

  1. Fun facts: their legs get longer from front to back so their legs don’t impede the next set so they can run faster to catch other insects. They love Bedbug and cockroach eggs. They never stop hunting. They will do their best to keep out of your sight.

  2. I hope you don’t mean like a heli latter where it can climb up to your hand! I hope you mean like a rope over a wall style where you hang the tp over the sides of the tub

  3. This should have taught in public school. Don’t know how long I’ve seen these creepy critters as a pest, when they could have solved so many problems.

  4. No lie, they scare the fuck out of me but I’ve learned to not kill them or scream. I always remember they’re eating something I probably hate even more.

  5. Having had to kill a nest of bedbugs on my own, I sure as hell would have liked one of these guys taking care of it for me. Fighting bed bugs without an exterminator is a grueling battle.

  6. I was told by an exterminator that house centipedes are one of the few insects to eat bed bugs. He said spiders won't touch the blood sucking little bastards. My fear of a bed bug infestation is the only reason I share my home with these little speed demons rather than evicting them to the outside. My cats however aren't as willing to share the basement.

  7. As someone who has been dealing with a German roach infestation on and off for a couple of years and I’ve tried everything… reading this makes me want to try.

  8. 😃 I had one in my bathtub recently and they give me the heebie jeebies, but I like em around too. Thought I was so clever with my tp ladder!

  9. I’m wondering how you see them as friends. They eat spiders which in my opinion makes them an enemy. I’m terms of pest control, what is the better creature?

  10. Yeah, I guess they eat hairs and stuff. I asked for a friend so let's hope he's not the bug-killer type. Thank you!

  11. When you say friend do you mean they pose absolutely no ill will towards humans? Like no chance this thing accidentally bites me? They look scary but I did read some other comments saying they are good.

  12. No way!!! If I seen that In my house I’m jumping on the nearest chair and screaming at the top of my lungs! And throwing my shoes at it. They are monsters who pray on gamers in the dark early hours of the morning

  13. I feel your pain. I woke up with a massive tarantula on my face when I was a kid back in Trinidad. Fucking scarred me for life.

  14. I had one crawl across my face when I was sleeping, I must’ve tried smacking it or something because that mf bit me so hard… core memory ☹️

  15. Thats just a leggy cat. They domesticated themselves an indeterminate time ago, and can only survive inside human homes in most places. They eat every bug you don't like from bedbugs to German cocktoaches to dangerous spiders.

  16. I honestly have no idea how this sub got on my feed, but I am now a full blown convert to seeing centipedes as my friends 🤣

  17. They are not a foe but they sure as hell creep me out when they run past me like a Ferrari in the basement. Then I yell “your fine down here but don’t you dare go upstairs.” Upstairs they lose their right to live, so far they’ve listened.

  18. That’s just Gary. He’ll happily eat any other uninvited guests in your home, which is scary but not too much. He likes the dark and yes he is well aware that he has far too many legs. Pls let him nom in peace as he gets aggressive if touched.

  19. They bit ppl! 😰😫 noooo even more reason to throw books and shoes from a high chair!

  20. House centipedes. Some Japanese people keep them as pets. They kill almost all insects in the house including roaches. They only come out when it’s quiet they hate sound. They only bite if you try to hold them. The bite is similar to a bee sting.

  21. Can they bite or not? I see lots of comments saying they don’t bite/sting and lots saying they do

  22. House centipede!! We have one in our home. My wife named her Clarice. It's about 3 inches long. They eat all the other creepy crawlies in your house. That's why we don't kill ours.

  23. We got one in our box of mail-order crickets a couple of weeks ago. It's off in our house somewhere having small adventures now.

  24. They are a horrifying angel, sent from the heavens on a sacred mission to kill all the evil insects sent from hell. Think of any bug you fear or are disgusted by and these will kill them, eat them entirely, and hunt the next cursed creature. They prefer to be unseen by you, as they continue their divine work. The only exception is that they (usually) don't kill each other, even though they are terrifying. They are your friend. If frightened, they might bite you, but probably not and even if they do, they aren't dangerous at all (unless you are allergic, but nothing is safe if you're allergic to them.)

  25. I saw another comment on this thread saying to contact your local university’s entomology department. They sometimes have them or can direct you to a place to get them.

  26. This is the clearest and closest photo I’ve seen of a house centipede. It’s terrifying, but helpful. I’d let it be.

  27. I know these things are considered "friends" if you see one in your home but...a creepier looking house bug, there never was. I lose all composure at the sight of one--they always show up out of nowhere, jump scare style 😱😱😱 thankfully its been maybe a couple of years since I've had the pleasure...

  28. That's a house centipede. They're harmless and good pest control. Though I'd prefer spiders over centipedes lol. But that's just me.

  29. I live in Maryland and see one in my finished basement every few months, usually dead in the bathtub down there I never use.

  30. They’re friendly but terribly scary and fast! But they kill spiders and other insects. (House centipedes)

  31. I spent high school trying to convince my parents they were a thing- I was the only person seeing them, guess it was the insomnia. It didn’t help that I kept calling them the “little monsters.” In hindsight, might contribute to the visits to the drs. As I became a home owner, the internet became more accessible- I learned of the house centipede and have a truce with them… they take care of the spiders, crickets, silverfish, ants and I don’t pursue them as long as they stay out of sight.

  32. i’m gonna assume this wasn’t in your house considering your caption and the little heart on the pic lmao but whoever did take the pic has the right idea!❤️ bffs

  33. I know these guys are very helpful with pest control and try to stay out of sight, but God damn are they not the thing you want to see when you're stepping into the shower after taking your glasses off

  34. Serious question: where can I get like 3-5 of these? It’s winter here now and I really kind find any. I need them to get rid of the roaches here.

  35. Jesus christ. I'm a convert to the "friend not foe" gang after being on this sub long enough. But this picture is giving me the heebie jeebies

  36. cave centipedes they murder all the nasty bugs in your house then leave if there’s none left. im a cook and one place i worked at these guys used to show up from time to time and i would remark on it, and my chef (who i ended up full on hating by the end of my time there) would always say “ohhhhh yeah at my bakery in DC we had an infestation of those things, they were everywhere” and i would kind of snicker to myself being like “the bakery this guy was so proud of running probably had a cockroach infestation lol” because they wouldn’t be there without nasties to eat🫢🫢🫢

  37. I've thankfully not seen these types of centipede in any house I've lived, but they remind me of (Humpback Cricket)3 .

  38. Does anyone know how a centipede gets out once they get in? Because people saying to let him live but how do yall know he would leave in peace 😭

  39. The purpose of this sub is to identify bugs for people. That means all bugs - not just the cool or unusual ones. It's right there in our name -

  40. Idk. I like to hold a mantis or ladybug, but there is no way I’m letting this climb on me or loose in my house on purpose.

  41. Night crawlers! I had these in my house growing up on the east coast. They did end up becoming a problem when they over produced… we found them in the shower, on the ceiling, in our cabinets with our cups (I no longer drink from a cup without looking in it), and they lived in our basement. After reading these comments, we did have massive spiders that lived in the (unfinished) basement, as well as an outdoor pool house they made their way in to. They will forever haunt my dreams but it’s good to know they’re harmless.

  42. I once stayed in a rather tumbledown manoir in France and was delighted to note that every evening, a large house centipede would pour out of a chink in the stone wall and go hunting: zoom! Zoom! No bugs in my room!

  43. The House Centipede, always reminds me of moving "fake eyelashes". They look super creepy, but they are pest killing pros. They eat a whole bunch of insects that are not welcome in the home: silverfish, roaches, moths, and yes even the aweful Bedbug.

  44. So I was terrified of seeing one after moving to Michigan from Florida, but it turns out they're actually way less creepy/scary in person. It probably helps that the first one I saw was because my cat had caught it and was tormenting it, so I mostly felt bad for not noticing and stepping in sooner. The only other one I've seen was also probably dying because it was just chilling on my wall in the light. I nudged it someplace better protected from my cats.

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