1. They nerfed the booty and that caused a spike in R34 content, so if anything the game is marketing for the porn.

  2. Took awhile, but Orisa did eventually get a stupidly thicc model redux. The demand of thicc robot centaurs was finally met.

  3. The weirdest part of that is that they made a few character’s designs for sex appeal and nothing else, and then started filing lawsuits against R34 artists

  4. Aren’t there people who make porn of that game using higher quality models than the game itself? Or do they just make models with a different figure

  5. A lot of the times models will look different due to lighting and engine differences but a lot of the time since it’s porn people will make semi custom models by either ripping the head of the main model and sticking it onto some free nude asset or by making one of their own

  6. They use the models as a starting point and then they modify them. It's not like the characters are modeled underneath those clothes.

  7. It depends on the model. lots of times the first iteration of a model will be ripped directly from the game files, because then you don't have to do any modeling, just positioning and rigging and weight painting etc. The next model might be a 'head rip' where the head from the original model is put onto a moldable prefab body, and the body is changed to look like the proportions of the character. You have to modify or recreate the clothes this way but the body is higher quality, you can very easily 'massage' proportions and you might be able to reuse animations.

  8. It's disgusting how sex-crazed the Overwatch community is. Kindly let me know the site (with the full URL) so that I can block them.

  9. after all, Overwatch 2 has gotta be one of the games ever made. it has tracer porn and all the mechanics that make up a game, placing it on the list of the games of all time

  10. I find it hilarious that they make the characters extremely sexualized with skin tight clothes and highly defined sexual features but then they act outraged that people want to jack off to it.

  11. Oh Jesus there’s another Overwatch?! Honestly blizzard devs are probably making those animations themselves.

  12. Says the undercover blizzard dev... Can't get off unless he's making the porn AND secretly admitting to it. Look at this guy.

  13. Ackshyally Its usually sfm, not Blender. Especially because the workshop makes custom model posting very accessible, which is useful for all the nude and lewd edits of models that exist out there.

  14. Over watch gets sucked off way too hard, even when it came out it had neither revolutionary gameplay or graphics that were anything out of the ordinary. It seems like people went nuts for another mid tier shooter just like they did for Valorant.

  15. I'm surprised it won an award for revolutionary gameplay or some shit from Spike. When it happened I got into an argument for saying it was literally just a first person MOBA put into Team Fortress style maps.

  16. I liked the feel of characters and weapons. getting a dink on widow feels great and Kaplan when he was head knew exactly this when he was describing mcree's pistol trying to capture the feel from the magnum from half life.

  17. Overrated I would not like so see the violet hot chick for the 500th time and the lesbian hottie for the 652th time I also wouldnt like to see the Asian thigh highs and the blonde woman in tandem for the 487th time

  18. at what point do 3D models become so high quality, and games become so irrelevant, that you can just take the models for free and hope no one will notice?

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