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  1. *law enforcement when they see a man on the subway being stabbed repeatedly but refused to intervene because the thought the man had a gun, leading to the stabbed man sueing the police officers and the case being taken to the Supreme Court, where it is ruled that cops do not have a duty to either protect or serve.

  2. 300lb redditors who haven't left their apartment in 4 days explaining how they'd epically and holesumly own a active shooter

  3. Not only did they run away but they also stopped parents from going inside to save their kids/stop the intruder themselves, even arrested one of em.

  4. i would just like to remind everybody that, during columbine, the swat entered the highschool a whole hour after the shooters killed themselves. sadly, this has happened before and it will happen again.

  5. Yeah and then when I burn down the local nursery suddenly its "a hate crime" and I get "sentenced to execution by lethal injection"

  6. Well, of course! Cops didn’t sign up to put themselves in harm’s way and save lives, they signed up to brutalize black people and escape consequences! Gosh, you expected police to do the right thing?

  7. I honestly think I’m gonna become a cop just so I can show all these fucking cowards how to actually protect and serve. It’s just disgusting. Some people are trying to defend them by saying that were actually cops in the building trying to stop him, but it’s too soon to know for sure.

  8. They will indoctrinate you or get you fired and even if you're a "good cop" you'll still be enforcing stupid shit like drug possession and being an agent of the state

  9. The reaction of law enforcement was some of the most bewildering and enraging shit ive seen in a while, but maybe making memes about this is a bit too early. Not saying its not valid critique; but this literally happened a day ago. This is a little tasteless.

  10. Not really, because it's not really making light of what happened, just pointing out what the cops were doing (apparently, idk what actually happened)

  11. What was tasteless were the people on the leopard sub (reportedly) basing one of the parents for beeing pro-nra and suporting Rittenhouse

  12. good thing that off duty border patrol agent was there and rushed the shooter. Police reforms need to happen. Also active shooter police response should be swat not just beat cops that don’t even know how to handle unarmed suspects

  13. Some right winger is gonna say “this is what happens when you threaten to defund police” just like they use pictures of the Grocery stores during the start of the pandemic and said “this is what it would be like if trump wasn’t in office”

  14. I heard something like that but worse “This is Biden’s America and it’s broken. It wasn’t broken when Trump was president” and thing along the like of “it wouldn’t be like this if Trump was still in office” as if there weren’t any shootings during Trump’s time.

  15. Memes are art, art is meant to challenge and express. Bullshit aside, if you think calling out cops for not acting in school shootings is political, please eat some glass

  16. Glad we have the StarCraft 2 bronze player here to lecture trained police officers on what they should be doing.

  17. Imagine defending trained, armed people whose jobs are to put themselves at risk to protect others that were too scared to fight against one guy that got a gun yesterday

  18. So do you have a favorite flavor of boot to lick? My guess would be the kind that best compliments the taste of cop jizz still swishing around in your mouth but your preferences are your own.

  19. You need extensive training to know you shouldn’t let kids be shot after not shutting the fuck up about “PROTECT AND SERVE!!”?

  20. I’m not sure if this is correct, but I saw a video where one of the cops said that they did go into the school, but only to get their own kids out of the school.

  21. Honestly I have no idea why Americans are shocked by the fact their police are shit. I feel like this has happened time after time after time, something outrageous involving the police happens, people get mad for a week, then they forget it ever happened. And the cycle repeats over and over and over again. It should be very clear to Americans at this point that nothing is going to change, and honestly it’s simply a harsh truth that they just have to accept

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