customer said they’ll “have my job” and said they’re calling corporate

  1. Do nothing. Very good chance they're too lazy to actually call for you and even more unlikely that said complaint would make it all the way down to you anyway. Of course, it really depends on what you did.

  2. Man, sometimes after bad experiences with customers I'll go to my TM and tell her "I might have a complaint coming".

  3. Believe me they won't want your job after they have it. They'll give it back to you. Because nobody wants to work for this f****** place if they don't have to

  4. You could mention it to your TL in case it does end up getting back to them but likely nothing will come of it unless you genuinely messed up. But reading your replies tells me you were just doing your job and the customer was the asshole (shocking!).

  5. This reminds me of something from the other day. When on the phone with a customer who wanted to speak with store leadership. Over why no investigation was done about a incident over some wine bottles near our hot bar this shit happened months ago. Store leadership never returned her calls and she blew up at me saying she was. Going to get me fired by calling corporate unless I let her talk to store leadership.

  6. I always write a draft email, documenting my side of the story… but don’t send it unless the customer escalates. I’ve never had to send the email but it gives me peace of mind to know I wrote it before my memory gets too foggy.

  7. I've had a few customers rage quit on me and they threaten to call corporate or complain. I never care they are blowing smoke. Don't worry about it.

  8. As a member of leadership, I had this happen more than 10x and on one occasion a regular tell me he was driving to Texas to talk to corporate himself about me. On all occasions, never heard a word about it other than if they complained initially.

  9. Slow your mind down when dealing with these kinds of people. Put your head down, swallow your pride. (it’s bitter, I know from lots of experience) Reset. Call the front end tl over and say quietly, i can’t deal with this one, you take over, walk away. and let the tl handle them. that’s why they have their position and make the money for it. Take 10, grab some ice water and some self awareness. being in tune with your body language helps a lot. also watch what you say. speak less to team members and customers. that gives you great power to do your tasks with ease. if you can’t get this, maybe you need a little personal time off to rid yourself of your stresses.

  10. I once had someone tell me they were friends with a local newsman and that she was gonna tell him what we did because it's outrageous and what we were in the news for already. She bought something that had the wrong label charging her 3x the amount of the product she bought. She got her money back. I waited for the news to show up tho. Sadly they never came

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