Re-Applying After Not Fulfilling My Two Weeks

  1. From my understanding you have to wait 6 months to reapply, and I’m sure you bailing early might affect your rehire but talking to your SL or TL from what store you wanna rehire in should be okay if they liked you, every store is different, my SL would not hire you back if you bailed on your two weeks here 😵‍💫 (SW region here)

  2. Thanks for the info! I am moving back in about 2-3 months and by that time frame I would be about 4ish months out so hopefully I can get back to it! Thank you :—)

  3. It really depends. TMS will have flagged you as “ineligible for rehire” on your separation form since you didn’t fulfill your 2 weeks but if the STL likes you enough, they can sometimes override things at the store level.

  4. That’s what I was thinking! My ASTL told me that once I fill out that form, that I pretty much nix any chance of rehire but I felt like it wasn’t impossible because I have heard of people coming back. If I explain my specific situation, I might have a shot. Especially if places are having a hard time hiring. Which I know the store I want to go to is

  5. Good point! I know the current STL at the first store I worked at / the one I want to work for again is really . . . odd and not many people like him. We got along somewhat, since we had similar interest in music. But I do know he’s desperate for new hires, as I have heard from previous friends who have worked at that store. That could be my only leverage, tbh. But for example, I bet I couldn’t work at the most recent store I worked at, even tho they’re in the same spot like I am sure many stores are. Plus, I never left on bad terms with the first store. So thanks for the tip!

  6. Folks have been let go due to attendance and came back in 6 months so yes you could come back it wasn't like you abandoned the job they knew yoh was leaving

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