Her magical hands

  1. Moms (good ones) are magical in themselves. Sometimes I just pop by to get a hug because nothing compares to that comfort for me.

  2. I have very good, loving, affectionate parents, and for some reason this particular thing never hit home for me. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I finally got that “sigh of contentment” from a hug. Idk why I don’t really like to hug my mom.. something about how she smells makes my brain unhappy and I can’t figure out why (it’s not bad). But I do really really hope my children find this kind of comfort in me, when I get to be a mother someday.

  3. I've realized my immediate family really likes prolonged hugs. Like sometimes me and my mom will be talking and we'll just have a casual hug and hang on each other for a minute between sentences. Me and my little brother have always been very close and he is now much much taller than me, and we like to have those hugs where you're just standing there holding someone for a bit. He used to put his head on my chest and now I put mine on his! 🥺

  4. My mom passed away suddenly last week and I'm still trying to figure it all out. I'm not looking for sympathy and I usually roll my eyes at people saying exactly what I'm saying, but I'm having a really tough time working through it. She was 49 and she was supposed to be around to see me do more than underachieve. I know she was proud of me and she knew that I worshipped the ground she walked on. I hope the waves of grief get more interspersed because the shit sucks. The cliche is true though, if you're reading this, text the people you love and tell them you love them for no reason. You'll be glad you did it if the worst case scenario presents itself.

  5. Oh, this makes me miss my Oma so much! She was such a lovely woman, in a strict German sort of way--she was always there when you needed her. She died last summer, but she was 89, so it was a good long life. I hope I'll see her again someday. I'm sure she's in Heaven.

  6. Yep I made the mistake thinking that people would be talking about missing their grandparents or whatever, but this is the internet (read: Reddit) and I should've known better.

  7. I'm in the ICU with my grandma right now and we're preparing to take her off life support. Cherish every moment you have.

  8. This made me sad. My grandma and an aneurism but she survived. Now she’s a shell of the warmth she used to be. I just wish she’d recognize me again

  9. What does that feel like? It must be nice. There's another version, with a panel missing, where he's walking in fully charged, enters the room with grandma/mom, then the next frame you see him walking out fully drained. ...At least that's how it went for some of us.

  10. This is me and my Grammy. My whole world revolves around her. She is 85 and just had a stroke, she is doing better and out of the woods, but she lost a step or two. She never fails to put the color back in my world no matter how black and white it gets.

  11. Now do people have to think about every little word because of some dirty minded people on the internet? Not everyone here is thinking what you’re thinking. Maybe try not to sexualize every word…

  12. I love my mom so fucking much. She successfully escaped her marriage with my abusive alcoholic father (he's better now, but that's another story), moved to a new town with three small kids and worked full time while also going to college full time and driving my younger brother and I to school. Sure, she had help, but that woman is a fucking badass. She's now and RN who is in charge of an entire section of the local veterans hospital.

  13. Same here man. Dad passed away when I was just a few years old, and mom had dementia and psychosis since her youth, so it's like growing up in an orphanage sort of but instead of being taken care of, you have to take care of your supposed caretaker everyday of your life.

  14. Please give credits to the original animator ... It's a Pakistani animator his page is on fb name moin nazim graphics ... These artist don't get enough credit as it is already

  15. Ohh thank god i just saw this one on a different subreddit....it was just Muslims hate and booming jokes that disgust me, but genuinely this is just a wholesome comment section

  16. I feel exactly like this every Day with my girlfriend. Sometimes When work keeps us busy, all i need is 10 minutes of cuddling with her and its all good as new.

  17. Didn't realize mothers lift their children's spirits up, whereas my mother reminds me of my failures everyday and makes sure I know that I will fail in whatever I do next :)

  18. Ahhh so the electric current passing through the grandma's blood stream is acting like a wireless charging device for the drained guys brain

  19. man! i miss my parents, it've been almost 3 years since we met already! the damn pandemic and studying abroad rly locked us away from each other!

  20. I kind of feel this way today. My 11 year old broke his collarbone on Thursday’s afternoon. He started complaining of a stuffy nose Thursday’s morning and it got worse. Today he has a headache and stomach pains. He can’t get a break. He just wants his momma be his side and rubbing his back.

  21. This makes me wish I had someone, anyone, in my life that gave me comfort and love. I feel like I’m missing out on a universal human experience because I didn’t grow up with a loving family, and all my relationships fail because I don’t know how to handle affection.

  22. Agreed. Parents showing you affection and creating bonds is a major part of childhood growth, you miss out on that and you'll stand out in social environments like an anomaly, until you work really hard on yourself and put yourself together, it takes time but you'll get better, I know because I was in your shoes once.

  23. Ok. So I keep seeing the one where the mother chases with a coat to keep their child warm. It ruins me. I have had a turbulent relationship with my mother but when I see the picture I know it is most certainly her. P.S. either way. Anyone got a link to that pic.

  24. My mom is a really great mom. She is fair to all of us, loves us. But she can’t refill my batteries. If I am down and need her, her response is always: You aren’t the only one. So get over it 🙁 But she is still the greatest mom 🥰

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