If Hulk threw a car as hard as he possibly could at Superman, would it stagger Superman?

  1. Now I'm just imagining Hulk and Superman getting together and throwing random shit at Supes to see what it takes to make him stagger.

  2. Yeah pretty sure the car is detrimental to hulks strength here. The car would just be destroyed as it hit Superman or just bounce off. Now could Hulk stagger Superman with a haymaker? That I don’t know but I’m sure it’s been done in comics.

  3. This is the correct answer. People in this thread are acting like Superman no sells every attack thrown his way because at his peak he fights high tiers like Darkseid. That’s not how stories, especially comic books, are written. If The Flash can occasionally be tagged by street tiers then I think it’s fair to assume the fucking Hulk could at least stagger Superman with a car.

  4. If Hulk threw a car as hard as he possibly could the car would evaporate due to the friction with the air.

  5. I just imagine the scene from X-Men 3 where Wolverine tells Colossus to throw him at the Sentinel but it's just Hulk who throws him at the speed of light at Superman.

  6. I agree for the most part, but the prompt states that it's as hard as the hulk can possibly throw. Even if Superman was expecting it mid-fight, I think the wet paper towel of a car would still impact hard enough for a stagger. I'm stretching the prompt a bit, but going from gradually increasing strength the angrier Hulk gets to suddenly yeeting a vehicle at -max- strength would be like taking a short blast from a firehouse in a super soaker fight. The Hulk is stupid fuckin' strong, and while weak compared to a gloves off and I'm very serious Superman, I don't think Superman could completely no sell such an attack.

  7. It’d be like if someone threw a styrofoam car at you: it’d break, not really hurt, but if it was a surprise, it could push you over a few steps.

  8. If hulk threw a car as hard as he could it would either disintegrate while thrown or when it hit superman. He;s better of just punching him since that will actually damage superman

  9. Based on hulks feats in the latest 'She-Hulk' series where he threw a bolder that someone calculated at 600,000 tons and caused it to evaporate in the atmosphere I would say the car would disintegrate if thrown as hard as Hulk could throw it.

  10. No. That’s like asking if you threw a paper ball at me as hard as you could would it stagger me. There’s no amount of force you can get behind it that could because the object simply isn’t strong enough to do it

  11. If you throw something at thousands of miles per hour or kilometers per hour, that’s going to do a lot more than if it hit you at 20 mph/kph. So yes, depending on how hard you throw it, it can do a lot of damage

  12. If we had a perfectly indestructible car, yes. If he picked up a Crown Vic and fastballed it, no chance. The car is not durable enough to be relevant here. Hulk is officially strong enough to stagger Supes. That isn't the question, so no, a regular car would not. It is incapable of moving with force to survive, much less have Supes even be remotely effected by it. I'm sure there's scans out there of Superman getting staggered/wtfever by a car, but those make no sense with his higher no-sells, so I'll stick with my argument until presented with times Supes got rocked by a few thousand lbs of flimsy material.

  13. I’m curious about the answers in here. This seems close to a post on the DBS subreddit where it was asking if Goku getting dragged through a mountain by Broly, and being hurt by it, was an anti feat, since you’d think his durability should be way higher than a planet, but a lot of the comments were bringing physics in it and saying since Broly was the one doing it, with his speed and force, it made sense it would hurt Goku, I didn’t really agree.

  14. Ignoring that the car would disintegrate by being thrown that fast, evaporate by flying through the air that fast, and then shatter when it hits Superman, yes.

  15. Depends, honestly as other people have pointed out, if Hulk threw a car as hard as he possibly could at superman, it'd disintegrate either in transit or upon hitting superman. However, a car shaped lump of Uru or something is a different story. Basically if we assume the car isn't going to break for the purpose of the hypothetical, then yeah superman isn't just gonna be staggered, he's gonna go flying.

  16. This reminds me of my biggest gripe with the Incredible Hulk (Marvel Studios) movie. When Hulk and Abomination were fighting and hitting each other with motorcycles and choking each other with chains. I was like “Those things wouldn’t hurt him.”

  17. This isnt me saying hulk is weak but this is me saying the car is to weak supermans body would just go through it

  18. I did some math (actually just plugged numbers into Wolfram Alpha). A Toyota Camry weights about 3500 pounds. If Hulk can throw it at 1% of the speed of light it has 7.1 x 1015 joules of kinetic energy, which is equivalent to 1.7 megatons of TNT or 100x the energy of the Hiroshima atom bomb. In the comic Batman v Superman Supes takes a point blank detonation from a nuclear bomb and it severely injures him. I'd say Hulk can at least stagger Superman if we don't get technical about air resistance.

  19. If this is set in a vs verse where logic prevails then no, it would at best break up around superman and at worse get destroyed by the sheer force of the throw before it even gets to supes. If this is set in a story then yes, it most likely would stagger superman.

  20. Sorry, too many superman supremacists on this sub lately. It's now an unholy unwritten rule that no matter what the stakes are, superman wins, with the only exception being the long standing, "with preparation, batman always wins", rule.

  21. This is why superman is bullshit. Even with fictional consideration, how can you not move when something with a much greater mass hits you. Unless his super power is mass manipulation it should still move him but doesn’t take any damage.

  22. Hulk's gamma was retconned into being from the multiverse's deepest hell, from the One Below All, God's anger embodied. When said entity was able to possess the Hulk's body it proceeded to devour the embodiment of the universe, after killing Mr Immortal, Franklin Richards and Galactus at the end of time and became the 9th cosmos' destroyer.

  23. The real question is how fast can hulk throw??? I mean with a magic car that won't break apart just from friction and being thrown. then how much does the car weight?? and how much force would it take to stagger superman?? I don't know the actual answer to any of these so no way to guess.

  24. It depends on which Superman some versions of Superman are so absolutely busted that the car throw could be comparable of someone throwing a ball of a piece of paper at you. I don’t know what you mean by standard Superman is it man of steel sups or another? Man of steel sups would definitely feel it.

  25. I suppose it depends on what happens to the car on impact. The Hulk's physical strength defies physics and the hardest he can possibly throw a car would likely be the equivalent of Jane Foster Thor using a normal scalpel to perform a dozen brain surgeries within a fraction of a second - the material itself shouldn't really have any capacity to survive the Hulk's maximum strength as moving through the air might actually vaporize the car before it even its Superman.

  26. The car doesn't help in this situation because the car is mkre fragile than either Hulk or Supes. A straight up punch would be the better question. And the answer is yes considering we've seen Superman be physically knocked around pretty often.

  27. You need something near indestructible for it this to work. Whatever Hulk throws will disintegrate before it hits Superman. To get something to stagger Superman the force required is enormous and that can't be produced unless Hulk throws whatever he is throwing with tremendous speed (f=ma). Therefore we need something indestructible. He could probably stagger Supes with an adamantium car.

  28. No I don't think so. I believe Hulk totally has the strength to hurt Superman but a car made from earth elements? Even if the speed and force of it split atoms I don't see that effecting Supe.

  29. It’s a possibility though it depends how hungry hulk is and how much solar energy Superman has been exposed to both have strength that is potentially infant and will keep on increasing with a hoax strength increasing the The more pissed off you get and Superman strength increasing the more solar energy he’s exposed to now hulk in his base form has destroyed a universe by thunder clapping which means his bass strength would likely be enough to hurt superman if he were to throw a car at superman again it really depends on how much solar energy he has absorbed. I’d say it’s definitely a possibility and it may happen however it completely depends on how much solar energy Superman has been exposed to and how pissed off the Hulk is.

  30. It absolutely would not. Not to the detriment of Hulk, but cars are literally designed to crumple and minimize force imparted, and that’s ignoring the fact that both of these characters are at least Solar System tier, or that the car would basically disintegrate before it even got to Supes from the force of being imparted with so much kinetic energy and met with so much air resistance due to said kinetic energy.

  31. I mean he can be hit with rockets and nothing happens, he can have bombs dropped on him and nothing happens, is the car made of kryptonite? 😂 lmao if not then no nothing would happen to superman

  32. Thing is, cars at top speed don't just get destroyed in collissions, they also destroy what they collide with. Supes would just transfer the full force of the car to whatever he's standing on or against, over a smaller surface area, and destroy that. He'd probably lose his footing just from that, and stumble for a bit.

  33. Kinda depends on which version of Hulk and which version of Superman, as well as how pissed Hulk is at the time.

  34. I mean to be honest hulk could fight Superman in general would he win I don't think so but it's not as a big of a gap between there power as you might think.

  35. Being that its superman vs a car, superman would probably be a little bit hurt but the car is getting cut in half if not completely obliterated.

  36. I think the question has less to do with what is being thrown and more a question of how fast an object thrown by someone with infinite strength travels. Relativity means that mass of an object increases with speed. Also all sorts of weird things can happen with friction generating energy and atomic fusion of things colliding with other things at extreme speeds.

  37. Depends. DCAU Superman had the good decency to sell a hit, even if it didn’t really hurt that much. Comic book or some of the live action version Supermen would likely tank it.

  38. This depends if the hulk catches superman off guard or not. If he doesn’t catch him off guard, it would be like me throwing a paper ball at you. He’d just tank it easily. If he gets superman off guard, I’d say it only knocks superman back. He’s not getting staggered though.

  39. I feel like it would break in half upon impact. I mean Superman is more durable than the car, so regardless of how hard Hulk threw it, wouldn't it shatter against Superman or split in half? Is Superman bracing for the impact?

  40. Depends on which version of Superman. The stronger versions of him, no. But some of the weaker versions like that old Lois & Clark show played by Dean Cain, it’d probably kill Superman.

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