Austin Hope 2019- Beautiful Mouthfeel

  1. Honestly, the people that enjoy this crap think that "reverse osmosis concentrated wine" sounds pretty cool. After all, reverse osmosis is good for drinking water, so why come not for wine?

  2. Fruit forward and smooth yet bold and rich. Flavors of red fruit, blackberries, cocoa, cassis and leather. Beautiful mouthfeel and it is now one of my favorites. Great for the price.

  3. Thanks. Just a reminder some of us are in other parts of the wine drinking world, so some tasting comments are welcomed.

  4. Can you clarify what bold means to you? It’s currently a buzz word in wine and I really don’t like it. I put the word “bold” up with the word “natural” when it comes to wine, neither have been clearly defined.

  5. It's not the most interesting wine I've ever had, but when I can score it for $24/bottle case price... yeah I'll split a case with a buddy. It's a hell of a wine at 25 bucks.

  6. To an expert it might seem a bit young but I find it very drinkable and I wouldn’t hesitate to open a bottle (clearly I did!) now.

  7. It's young but also super drinkable already. Almost too drinkable; it's incredibly fruit forward and soft. I honestly prefer their Treana cab for half the price.

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