Any of these worth checking out next time I’m at my local liquor store or pass? I did pick up the Jadot Beaujolais-Village 2020 (not shown) after the recent attention here and really enjoyed it! My first gamay!

  1. At our local grocery (Ralph’s, SoCal) you can pick them up for $6-7 when you buy 6 bottles (mix & match). Great for the price point, a daily drinker, but not the first bottle we’d put out for guests.

  2. came here to say just that. Malbec seems to often be the best bang for the buck for almost any grape variety under $12 a bottle.. happy to hear other opinions. And in Argentina... you can find great malbecs for $3-4 a bottle.

  3. Santa Margarita is the most overpriced Pinot Grigio on the market. Alamos Malbec is decent, though where I live it is typically about $8 a bottle.

  4. Thanks for the warning on the Santa Margarita, the DOCG had me ready to grab it. I had the Alamos in my cart but put it back once I’d finished shopping and figured I’d give it a try if it was worth it next time I go in.

  5. Could t agree more. I’ve enjoyed many a bottle of Como Viejo over the past few years and enjoyed every one.

  6. Yeah I believe I picked up a bottle of that at Trader Joe’s a couple weeks ago. I tasted it using my Coravin alongside a Malbec but I haven’t had a chance to dive into the bottle yet.

  7. The Caceres Crianza isn't bad for the price. More of a modern expression than a traditional one, but some people like that style better.

  8. Yeah I've had that plenty of times. When I have stayed for longer than a few days in Spain in Air BNBs and others, I have bought that with food. Pretty nice, though for a rioja it was very herbal, though it's not a gran/reserva so not so aged.

  9. Your local liquor store looks like it has the same price tags as Walmart or another big box store. Do yourself a favor and do an internet search for the nearest wine shop or well-rated liquor store and head there instead. Not only can you find something unique and delicious for the same price, someone is there to answer any questions to help you find the right wine and chances are the wine will be of a better quality. Also you are giving your money to a business that puts their heart and time into a wine selection (or atleast a little bit of personal input that you will not get at the corporate level) Each of these wines in the photo are mass-produced and often have additives and stabilizers in them to guarantee a certain flavor across vintages despite the quality of fruit or the effects of the season. Your heart and enthusiasm are in the right place, but you're in the wrong building.

  10. This is the best advice assuming the OP doesn’t live in an extremely rural area where this is the best around for 60 minutes.

  11. There are a couple nearby that don’t seem to have very wide selections from the inside pics on google, but there is a really awesome tasting shop that has a card system to try wines and has tons more for sale. I appreciate the tip. And I do want to get away from the additives and stabilizers, it’s just hard figuring out where to start.

  12. The gascon Malbec is a decent uncomplicated wine I’ve enjoyed in the past. Young and fruit driven with typical oakiness and body.

  13. Go to your local wine shop and talk to the wine nerd that works there, tell them you wanna keep it under $30/ bottle and explore. Try some dry reisling from Germany, some Rioja that’s older (usually good bang for the buck), maybe a Ribera del Duero if they have one that’s a good value and some Oregon or Sonoma/ Santa Cruz/ Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir and check back. You’re not gonna find the good shit at that kinda price point at the corner store, you gotta go to a specialty shop run by a knowledgeable wine hound to get hot on the trail IMO.

  14. Thanks. I feel like I need to build up my foundation and pallet a bit otherwise I’d be wasting the better stuff. But maybe I’m just over thinking it. There’s plenty of wine where I’m like mmm yummm that’s really good, and I can tell acid from tannic, but I can’t really identify flavors very well in wine yet. Maybe I am ready to step it up and I’m wasting my time on these wines?

  15. The Campo Viejo is consistently good. Although in PA you can normally get it for $8 or 9, and the reserve is closer to $11 or 12. And worth the couple bucks.

  16. Thanks! What does OD stand for? Also, does the label say that age of the Campo Viejo? How do you know if that one is reserva for example? Is it in the back label?

  17. CSM is always a safe buy for me, can't see the label but i imagine it's pretty cheap where you're at (as also a beginner)

  18. Thanks! I’ve enjoyed the discussion as well. I’ve been trying to follow the advice I’ve picked up in this sub that European and South American wines can represent great value in this price range compared to American wines. I’ve always stuck to American wines so I’m trying to venture out from there, because it’s hard for me to justify paying what I do for a nice bottle of bourbon that may last me a month or two for something I’m going to drink in one night, especially when my pallet isn’t well developed yet.

  19. You might really enjoy the Vivino app. You take a picture of the label, and it gives you tasting notes and reviews from other people. As a beginner myself, I find it really useful when I’m in a grocery store looking for decent options.

  20. Thanks, I do have it, it just seems like literally any bottle i find over $10 is rated in the top 10% or whatever so it isn’t as helpful at a glance without doing some research and going back in, like I’m doing now. I do try to use it to remember wines I’ve enjoyed though.

  21. Nothing outstanding. I like Santa margherita and gascon but won’t go out of my way for them. Try some of them and see what you like. Work up from there.

  22. Gascon is shit, Alamos gets rave reviews but it is super okay, Marques de Caceres is fantastic and a REALLY good deal at that price

  23. What is it like compared to a Tuscan? Chiantis are also out of Tuscany right? I’ve always enjoyed the sort of herbal notes you get in Tuscans. Do chiantis have that as well? Are they as tannic?

  24. Tasting notes on the Gamay. Lots suggesting drink now. In my view easily a 2-3 year wine from Drouhin in any vintage

  25. The gamay was great. I remember reading on here someone talking about their mother going to Spain and saying the wines were too sweet, because American palates are used to fruit flavors being sweet and it’s quite backwards compared to many European wines. I don’t have a super refined palate but there was certainly fruit on the nose and the front taste. But it was acidic and not tannic. Really quite fun to drink. I enjoyed it with some cheeses and pita chips and then with dinner as well. We had rigatoni with sausage and red sauce. I was honestly so excited to try it I didn’t make any more detailed tasting notes. But I did buy two bottles so I’ll focus more on my first glass when I open the next bottle. I can’t tell if it seemed to get smoother after the bottle was open for the second and third glass or if it was just me getting smoother haha.

  26. Looks like my Publix store in florida. I remember picking up Alamos and not enjoying it that much. I guess for the price it’s ok. That Tempranillo is decent

  27. I am OBSESSED with that Gascon Malbec with the purple label... I've gone through over a dozen over the years, and currently have two bottles at home right now. I love that stuff.

  28. Thanks. I have Vivino but I feel awkward using it in the store lol and I feel like every wine I scan says it’s in like the top 10% of the world so it’s not always super helpful for picking a wine but it can be great for identifying the flavors I’m tasting.

  29. I like the Campo Viejo, but it goes for around $7 at my local target. Almos is overrated in my opinion. gascon is decent, but if you have a costco near you I would grab their Kirkland Malbec instead. It is actually cheaper than these two and I tend to enjoy it more.

  30. I would say not for the spanish ones, they’re low shelf here in Madrid ans probably the most commercial. Campo Viejo Reserva might be one of the worst wines I ever tasted.

  31. Thanks. I’ve enjoyed my fair share of bourbon and tried a bunch and know what I like. So I can definitely see this as a parallel between what I would consider cheap whiskey that I just wouldn’t drink under any circumstances even if they’re household names vs bourbons that represent value and are just a little less mature than the heavy hitters. I just don’t have enough experience with wine to know where that difference lies yet.

  32. Yeah good point. I probably will end up doing so. I already ran up $60 and ended up putting a couple back since I can go back once I drink what I have. I picked up 2 bottles of the Jadot Beau, a bottle of Erath Pinot Noir, and some sweet vermouth for my cocktails.

  33. Yeah I need to give that a try. I think I picked up a bottle at Trader Joe’s a couple weeks ago that’s in my wine fridge. Need to break that one out.

  34. Nothing really bad about what's on that shelf (at those prices). I'd be inclined to grab one of the two Riojas.

  35. Do you have a local wine shop you can go to tastings at? Those are free and you’ll get started on the right foot. No offense, none at all, and heck yeah to you on your journey! But if you can taste at a shop you’ll get value and not waste money.

  36. There’s a couple boutique shops I haven’t been to yet and we have a really cool wine shop that does food and has cards you put money on to taste from easily a hundred bottles with shelves stocked floor to ceiling my wife has been pregnant though so I couldn’t really justify spending the time there for the last 9 months

  37. The alamos, campo viejo and the marques de caceres are really nice. Not spectacular, but really nice non the less :)

  38. Alamos is pretty well known winery in Argentina. I haven’t tried that Malbec but it’s a well respected winery, at that price I’d recommended trying it!

  39. CSM Chard - yes. Good wine at a good price. Santa Marg Chianti - Pass. Their Pinot Grigio is the thing. No to any other grape. Alamos Malbec- it’s like a low med level Malbec. Look for any Catena Brand Malbec Gascon Malbec - see above

  40. CSM Chard - yes. Good wine at a good price. Santa Marg Chianti - Pass. Their Pinot Grigio is the thing. No to any other grape. Alamos Malbec- it’s like a low med level Malbec. Look for any Catena Brand Malbec Gascon Malbec - see above Campo Viejo Tempranillo - okay, fair price Marques de Caceras Crianza- disregard Campo Viejo and buy 4 bottle of this at this price.

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