About to watch the Avs in Denver. What looks good?

  1. Working in the wine industry in Denver, and I can tell you this place has unfortunately only had a fill in buyer for quite a while. Really nice dude, but since he’s filling in from corporate he’s been very conservative with new product, so stuff that’s gone out of stock on the distributor side for an extended period of time has been filled in with easy options to guarantee revenue.

  2. Hear me out... Prestige Worldwide was the fake company from Step Brothers. I think it's an extended reference to the "Catalina Wine Mixer" from the same film, which presumably was taking place in a mock Napa/Sonoma/some high brow wine area in California. So I imagine that's what they're doing with that

  3. I like that they removed the apostrophe altogether from Stags Leap, only furthering the confusion. Is this Stags’ or Stag’s? Neither, Stags.

  4. As someone in AZ who drinks AZ GSM blends, I would highly recommend it! I was shocked to see it on this list, as Merkin and most AZ wines don't have much of a presence outside of here.

  5. That's the lead singer of Tool's winery. Don't think that it's going to be a shitty celebrity wine. He personally takes the lead in growing the grapes and vinting the wine. He takes it very seriously. I got to see him on a publicity tour for his wineries and his publicist came in the room right before he got there and said that the first time he is asked about his band, he will get up and walk out. He's here as a vineyard owner-operator and not as a musician. When he got there, he was very down to earth and knew his stuff like the back of his hand. Down to the chemical makeup/pH balance of his soil content. He definitely knows his stuff and it isn't a pet project of his until he gets bored of it. He did say that this is his career that was enabled by the success of his hobby.

  6. Gotta be honest it doesn't matter with these wines. Maybe the st. Innocent? I don't know but have fun!!!

  7. Yeah just say fuck it and drink a bottle of it lol. I have never had a bad time drinking a bottle of champagne

  8. #8 or #10. TBH, I'm not as insulted by the prices as others. One, it's a sporting event, what do you expect!? But 3 2oz pours/flight makes a single glass, so for $20-$27 I could accept it.

  9. Trip across europe and its just Toscana, Etna and Bordeaux 💀 why even make the austrian reference atp (yes my dad doesnt love me)

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