When will we know the quality of 2022 vintages?

  1. I got really excited and did the same thing with my first child in 2015. Embrace it! It’s fun because you’ll think about that child with BDX futures, rosés, Champagne, etc. Ultimately the answer is you’ll have the rest of your life and their’s to buy vintage wine. You’ll likely do better in the stock market and turning around profit to buy wine in twenty years, but what’s the fun in that!?! :)

  2. The quality of 2022 as a vintage for age-worthy wine will be rated in different regions over the next 5 - 6 years on a rolling basis.

  3. Bordeaux we will know by Easter next year. Champagne is a few years away before they declare a vintage or not but by the end of the summer the rough quality should be known.

  4. You may be overthinking this. By the time you can buy the case you’ll have a pretty good idea of the quality. Even if you want to try to save a few bucks buying futures, by the time that option comes the producer will have some notes you can work off of.

  5. You’ll start to hear word on the quality of the harvest in early October. Then word will start to creep out about the wine’s promise. You won’t actually start hearing reliable data on “good vintage” until 2024. Then you’ll start seeing the 2022s hit the shelves. Wait until then - you will always have a case that is worth the investment when it comes to a birth year! That is pretty Napa-centric feedback but I would imagine it’s pretty global for age-worthy reds.

  6. Congrats! I had a child born in 2020 and we're only just now getting enough info to figure out what wines to buy as celebration wines.

  7. The 2022 growing season has been great so far in the north coast CA- mild temps, strong canopies, slightly above average crop. Knock on wood no fires and we could have a special vintage.

  8. Congrats. This is going to be a special wine vintage for you. So, ignore the ratings and just buy the wines you like as soon as they are released. Typical picks include wines from Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Nebbiolo (Barolo, Barbaresco), Port. Store them well. And enjoy in the future. Cheers!

  9. This is looking to be one of the coolest weather Willamette Valley vintages in several years. I know Pinot nerds are pretty excited for it (as long as the weather holds up/Oregon doesn’t burn up in the late summer.)

  10. I'm going to do this exact thing. I plan on also getting a Melchior bottle off Millesima to age my kids lifetime...

  11. Since you can’t change the vintage of your child ;) the best advice is to pick an excellent producer. The best producers stand out not by what they do during a perfect vintage, but by what they can produce in a less than ideal vintage. It’s often that those wines can be the real superstars too.

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