G(old), this meme got old just like wine and whiskey.

  1. The author believes that its sign a woman is strong and independent, which he likes strong independent women. I wish I had the interview on hand

  2. Lets not forget Keira Metz. Geralt can't get into the mood unless a world-weary sorceress is making him go on a convoluted questline for her own gain.

  3. Yeah, both Triss and Yen have done some questionable things to Geralt. The thing is, why should we judge them only by their worst moments and traits?

  4. I love how people are still up in arms over these ships, and I'm here for every single moment of it!

  5. I remember being on this sub from literally day one and seeing every other post being about yen Vs triss

  6. I just fully romance Triss before going to Skellige and then I romance Yennifer, somehow that circumvents the scene where you get left chained to the bed

  7. That's what I like about these novels. There are no fucking perfect saints. People can be fucked up; it's just about which one is less fucked up.

  8. My wife watched carefully the choices I made fr the start and when I picked and ended up with yen she burst out "I KNEW IT" like I had cheated on her

  9. When we were in Iraq, we had my spare Xbox in the shop for the occasional downtime and a coworker pissed me off so I loaded up his Fable character and made him gay (dude's a major homophobe). This idiot was actually fucking LIVID.

  10. Kissed Triss, fantasized about being with her, she has a much better personality in the game then Yennefer, but i couldn't do it. I didnt read the books before playing W3 but i always felt that Yennefer was the love of his life. But i enjoyed the Triss and Shani romance options they were so sweet, but i always remained loyal in sentiment to Yen while banging every woman i found except Triss which felt like a betrayal.... and a big no no to do from what i learned from Youtube 😁🤣

  11. I like Triss but I Aard-tossed her ginger ass on that boat as fast I could. Au revoir, meddlesome sorceress. Yen is the only lady for Geralt

  12. I romanced Yen on my first playthrough because according to Philippa, Triss acts like a sister to Ciri but wants to do the naughty with Geralt.

  13. I love all the people arguing this as if they absolutely have to 100% live by the books (which I have read). The whole point of the video games is to choose what you want, lol. So Team Triss or Team Yen either one- just pick one and then don’t complain when you’ve picked wrong 🤣

  14. First play through I went with yen and created a save at that pivotal moment went back and nailed the other one.... and a bunch of hookers...twice

  15. I think I successfully romaced Triss and will get that ending, but read some spoilers from the books about her character and how she's treated and done Geralt kind of wrong and I think I regret picking her over Yen. 😅

  16. Honestly, i like whatever Geralt had going on with Renfri better, he did send her to the shadow realm, but that's besides the point

  17. I just went ahead and slept with everyone I could. Pissing all of them off in the process. It just felt right. And hey, I got them all to join me in the finale (which pissed them off even more running into each other).

  18. What’s funny is that my first play through of this game I was all over Triss and thought she was the hottest and nicest person. Then I read the books, played the Witcher 1 & 2 and have come to the conclusion that she sucks just as much as yennifer. So I pick Shani 1000% of the time from now on

  19. Romancing Triss isn't a bad thing, same as romancing Yennefer isn't bad either. What the two sides are arguing about is who is the worse partner for Geralt. Some might say that Triss taking advantage of Geralt's amnesia to get together with him makes her an evil human, or that she only does things to get inside Geralt's pants and is incredibly clingy. Others might argue that Yen treats Geralt like a dog and therefore makes Triss the better partner for Geralt. Both characters have their ups and downs. If you learn what happened in the books and the other games you can draw your own conclusion based on Triss' and Yen's actions.

  20. Pretty much cause of her actions. Seducing Geralt while he's with amnesia, knowing that he and Yen already had something going on, and trying to seduce Geralt multiple times knowing of his relationship with yen.

  21. Thank you, everybody, for your replies! I'll finish the book series, then it looks like I'll have to play it through again! I laugh because I just chose to romance Triss last night, then this popped up.

  22. Romanced Yen on my first (and currently only run) when I finally played it on the Switch back in 2020, only seems fair to try Triss when I play it when the next gen upgrade is out (got the GOTY for £6.99 which almost feels like stealing it was so cheap!).

  23. Yeah?! You ever play someone with a Nilf deck and they wait until their last turn and you’re about to win to play a GD spy card?!

  24. I romanced Triss too on my first playtrough 😬. Idk what it was but i was really attracted to her in some way that i simped for her hard 😃😃

  25. I picked Triss first as it was my introduction to the Witcher universe but now its Yennefer all da way baby

  26. If you’re a book reader you know that regardless of your personal feelings about Triss/Yen one way or another, Geralt would choose Yen every time.

  27. The whole argument that "all book readers have to choose Yen" is a complete non sequitur tho. Book Geralt would choose Yen, or rather has chosen Yen. But game Geralt is obviously a changed man compared to his earlier self. It's completely up for interpretation which one this Geralt would choose, or even if he'd "rather not choose at all" (pun very much intended).

  28. Might have been a hard decision for gamers, but not for the ones who read the books. Triss is genuinely garbage and nothing she could do in W3 can really redeem her.

  29. Thing is I chose Shani on Witcher 1 and didn't rescue Triss on Witcher 2 (I took Iorveth's Path and I felt like saving Saskia was the right choice at the moment)

  30. From the game story line. Triss all the way. Yennifer is cold and careless, Triss helps those around her and really wants Geralt. Plus I'm not into that goth GF look.

  31. I played through twice because of new game plus and romanced both of them individually. They're both great, I don't know why clowns in this sub have to argue over which is better like they're a sports team.

  32. Yeah, it tells me that you like teenage sounding dumb girly girl. I would let it slide since it's an RPG but Yen is the one for Geralt while Triss is the one for you cause you like easy-going dumb girls.

  33. I chose her because I like her cause. Saving the minorities who are being burned on the stake right in the city? I’ll help!

  34. The games call themselves RPGs. If they are then players put themselves in Geralts shoes and makes their feelings Geralts. If their Geralt think Yen is "meh" then she is. If their Geralt think Triss is "eh" then she is.

  35. As a non book reader... Yen just annoyed the piss out of me in game. First time, I ended up with neither because I didn't read the spoilers. After that I always took Triss

  36. Yennefer is the only right answer. She’s literally Geralt’s soulmate, even Villentretenmerth says so! Plus Triss basically raped him and used his amnesia to manipulate him into being with her.

  37. I don't know if it is cannon but Triss fucked Lambert, in the first game In we can see footprints from bed to the window, inside of Trisses room, in the third game, when we drink and play never have i ever with Lambert and Eskel, when we say 'never have i ever jumped out of a window to get away from a lover' or something like that, Lambert tells us that he jumped out of the window because he had sex with his friends girl.

  38. I don't understand why people want so much to ship Geralt with Yennefer given that their love is fake since the very beginning and due to a magical spell.

  39. I mean common. Triss is gold. She actually cares to do good. Saved all those assholes in the game. I get it Jenn is that titty goth gf that everyone wants. But is she wife material? I don’t think so! Let me hear it!

  40. Where the fuck was yen in first two games?! Just asking, triss had geralts back the whole time but yen couldn't be bothered

  41. After playing games choosing yen doesn't make sense tbh. Triss is a perfect girl in the games but in the books geralt never thought of triss this way. He always loved yen. That's why I chose triss when I'm playing the Witcher cuz she isn't a freaking bitch.

  42. I know that Geralt and Yen have history, but as a person who only consumed one piece of media about the universe (the game trilogy) i can't force myself to be with Yen. Yeah, i know they're bound by fate and whatnot, but does that mean she has to treat him like a rancid dog every time she sees him? Both her and Triss did some questionable shit as far as i'm concerned, but at least Triss can show Geralt some sympathy on a day-to-day basis, not when she needs something from him. All I'd need to choose Yen over Triss would be for her to actually seem happy to see him in White Orchard, and not be like "oh, i'd wait for you here so you wouldn't have to run around the bogs killing shit again, but, you know, it is what it is".

  43. nope, sorry. triss wants geralt's cock on the novels but she never achieves it, because geralt loves yen. In The Witcher 2 game they have a relationship because geralt has temporary amnesia and cant remember yennefer, but at the end of the same game he recovers his memory, all of it, and breaks up with triss. despite the option to romance triss on the Witcher 3, the cannon romance is yennefer.

  44. Whether you're team Yen on team Triss, at the end of the day, we all just want a waypoint near the baron's castle.

  45. Best ending ks where you try to romance em both and have Ciri show up either as Empress or Witcher at your new home in Toussaint.

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