Yikes from Facebook

  1. Nothing like spending Fathers Day next to a Longhorn Steakhouse parking lot holding a shitty sign, instead of doing something of actual value with your child.

  2. No joke. You’re standing out there, doing that on fathers’ day, and you’re trying to make the case that the problem is gay people?

  3. How much of your own money and time was spent trying to own gay people. Instead of doing something with your kid your showing him you’re low key obsessed with men having sex with each other.

  4. Reminds of this paradox that I forgot the name of: The more you claim to hate something/someone, the more people will claim that you like it/are it

  5. As a gay man, is this supposed to like, offend me? Not sure what this guys trying to prove? Yah I know my Dad's straight, and it's not exactly like the planet is short on people, what's your point?

  6. If you don’t have kids you’re killing potential kids, or something. Idk. They’re morons who latch onto any negative combination of words about gay people they can think of and don’t have the brain circuitry to check if it’s an argument of any kind. This doesn’t stop them being emotionally loud about it though.

  7. That would require the ability to have a thought other than what they just saw on Facebook 5 minutes before they do stuff like this

  8. I have nothing against their close minded lifestyle choice. I just wish they wouldn’t shove it down down our throats.

  9. they do know queer men can have kids right? either through surrogate if they’re homosexual or if they’re bisexual/pansexual they could have had sex with a woman. conservatives are a bunch of idiots.

  10. My dad is gay. He married a woman due to fear and bigots like this dude. He finally is living his best life. This sign is highly incorrect

  11. Shit! Now I have to let all the guys I’ve had sex with know I’m not actually bisexual. All because I’ve got 3 kids. That’ll be awkward explaining why a straight guy was sucking their dick.

  12. I mean, until any gay man can tell me they've had sex with a dad I'm going with the guy with the big sign. I'll wait for nanoseconds if I have to.

  13. if we ignore the fact that bisexuals, transgenders, aromantics, sex-positive asexuals, lesbians and gays who have slept with the same gender at some point before realizing their sexuality exist… yeah? what does this sign prove.

  14. There are gay fathers out there with children from a previous marriage/relationships with a woman while they were still in the closet.

  15. At this point, my kneejerk reaction when I see garbage like this is to assume the dude is psychologically compensating for something.

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