Question and Discussion Thread // 9/17 - 9/20

  1. How do you end multiplayer? I was trying to quit to the title screen when playing with another person and couldn’t. Didn’t see any options for dismissing them either.

  2. What's everyone's favorite/least favorite starting build (starting element)? I've gone through the demo twice now. Fire and metal. I plan on doing a run with each element to feel them out but curious what others have played and their thoughts!

  3. Wood is probably the most friendly. With a divine beast that heals, stats that increase spell duration and a life leech skill, you’re pretty golden. Swap out one of your spell slots for rock armor and get your hands on Heaven’s Reliance which scales with Wood stats and you now have Sun Piercer which has a decent tracking and a fully charged attack will one shot any humanoid enemy with the exception of the revenant and the wrestler at the end of the demo. At that point you can just start collecting dragon pots for fun.

  4. I think earth, having a tanky build seems to work for me atm since the parrying is too tight and unforgiving, unless this gets changed its gonna be a super high risk high reward kinda mechanic.

  5. The game does have a lot of stuff that would need to be tweaked over many demos (if they do more demos and taking player's feedback like Nioh) but in its own thing, it's a superb game for me.

  6. Does anyone know if there’s a way to check whether you got the dragon helmet and fill out the questionnaire after the thank you for playong the game screen? I was playing the demo offline to avoid crashing, but when I beat zhang liang the game clear data was not sending even after I went online. I closed down the game and started it up again and now I seem to be in like a NG+ version but dont know where I can find out about the helmet and the questionnaire

  7. Is the survey only after completion? I don't think I'll be able to complete stage 2 of the boss, but would still like to give feedback.

  8. For those that can play the demo, is the game playable offline?I heard that its gonna have invasions in it and that really bummed me out cause I loved the 2 Nioh games so much for not having that, cause I can actually enjoy fluid coop fun without someone rudely coming to slow or even ruin the experience. Im still hoping that there will be a toggle option for invasions on coop since this isnt a from game but Id like to atleast know that I have the offline option if thats not a thing.

  9. The demo requires online because it's timed. I assume main game will have offline option. No invasions in the demo tho (other than one NPC invasion).

  10. I'm really enjoying the fresh new combat system. Struggled a bit to understand that blocking isn't bad and that not all enemy attacks are meant to be deflected. I love how the game awards aggression by the increased damage done by spirit attacks done with full spirit gage in the blue.

  11. As someone who couldn’t finish Nioh, I really enjoyed this. I remember having to sort through dozens and dozens of items and just couldn’t find it in me to care about sorting through all the garbage.

  12. Is it possible to save in a coop playthrough? A friend and I started a run tonight and got about 45 minutes in. We quit out to see what would happen when we loaded back up and it restarted us at the first rest point.

  13. Finally beat the demo today! Does anyone else feel like healing is too slow and that the spirit system / meter could have been explained a bit better?

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