Wo long fallen dynasty demo

  1. Ye I am online and don't have ps plus anymore but I pressed the "..." and got the demo and thought it would work but it says I need ps plus essential. Supposedly you don't need it but this always happens to me, free trials or demos always require ps plus and I never have it when I need it. I am in Germany so the store is in german which i have no idea what it is saying. I am online and signed in and can play online btw.

  2. Go to the page for the game, click on the little ellipsis (“…”) icon and you should see the option to download the demo there. You need to be connected while playing but I don’t think you need to be in the extra tier.

  3. Are you german? If so you cant download it for free on a german PS account because the demo is not rated by the USK which means you can only download it with a PS+ subscription because you have to enter your ID details to buy PS+. A german PS account without a subscription can not download the demo. You need PS+ or simply change to something like a US account - download the demo from there and then change back to the german account to play it.

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