How do you handle jokes about your age?

  1. I'm not sensitive about my age, so a true joke in good fun wouldn't bother me. But, to answer your other question, I can't recall hearing one that was actually funny.

  2. I pretend the speaker doesn't exist. Like hard core silent treatment including turning to stare through them when there is a sound behind them (just focus your eyes at about the distance behind them the sound came from)

  3. I don't get them. I'm in my 40s and apparently when my age just get judged. Be it but looking fabulous, our parenting, but being a parent, standing up for ourselves/being assertive, being wealthy, not providing for our future ..

  4. I genuinely don't give a fuck about my age. I'm fitter and "younger" now at 40 than I was at 30 so like, whatever.

  5. They are only effective if the person actually cares. If someone tries to joke about my age I just give them a look and say 'yeah, I'm almost 40, so what?'

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