Russian diplomat: If NATO threatens us we have the right to press the nuclear button

  1. Oh but in their opinion they have calculated all the outcomes. It's just everyone else who forgot to calculate them. I wonder if they use texas instrument calculators or if their's is a Moscow variety?

  2. This is silly saber rattling. I would imagine there is at least one Russian billionaire that values their money over the life of Putin..

  3. The Russian oligarchs does not have power because they are rich. They are rich because they are close to the power (aka Putin).

  4. They come off like a narcissistic ex who's threatening to kill themselves if you don't get back together.

  5. He's pretty good at the propaganda tho, he made the interviewer have to pause to adjust her own beliefs there for a second or two.

  6. Does he understand that that would result in the death of him, everyone he loves, and hundreds of millions of others?

  7. I doubt he really cares about anything or anyone. Remember this is the man who brought dogs to try and terrorize other politicians, assassinates people he doesn't like, and overall just a terrible person. If he did a nuclear war, you can bet he has a giant bunker base already setup that he can live the rest of his life in.

  8. He's undoubtedly saying it in hopes that Putin will seem crazy and NATO will back off a bit, because he thinks Putin really is crazy and might do it.

  9. If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. They have absolutely no other real threat or leverage.

  10. Crazy to me that Russia looks around the world at other countries and they choose North Korea of all places to emulate. They’re speed running becoming “best Korea” 2 like it’s been perfectly planned for decades.

  11. Very irresponsible to make such statements. They are trying to deflect the attention from the number of dead Russian soldiers due to this crazy invasion. I doubt EU and US are going to release Russian central bank reserves. Ukrainians and others will file for damages in the west and that money will likely be used for reparations.

  12. This is exactly it. They know the invasion has looked very badly for their conventional army, so they want to bring attention to the ace in their pocket. This is the only way for them to remain a major military power.

  13. You don’t have the right, O you don’t have the right, therefore you don’t have the right, O you don’t have the right

  14. Imagine thinking the West wants to invade the nightmare that is Russia. A backwards-ass economy, a culture of corruption, and a brainwashed populace. Nobody in the West wants to deal with that shit. Yes they have oil and some resources- so what? You'd invest a lot of money and a bunch of former FSB assholes would crawl out of the woodwork to steal everything that wasn't nailed down.

  15. The same minds that think they have the right to kill tends of thousands of civilians and displace millions more because NATO hurt their feelings. Hat to admit, but Reagan was right - Russia is the evil empire.

  16. i'm sure the cancer ridden mutants in the rubble of civilisation will be comforted that the world ended for a good reason, and will remember the Russian government fondly for defending their rights

  17. They will have an excuse. Oh how they are afraid of looking weak while looking even weaker. It's like angsty teenager threatening to kill himself in an attemt to look tough

  18. If countries were characters from The Office, Russia would be Andy sneaking his Cornell degree into every conversation he can.

  19. Not just disarmament, but also a re-write of their constitution and a complete re-formation of their government under law, just like was done for Germany and Japan.

  20. But can we ever really trust the Russians to disarm their nuclear warheads given their track record of blatant lies?

  21. Wait, isn’t it Russia who is making the tons of threats every single week? Even after they were the invaders of Ukraine, and are always being the aggressors? Now they are saying this? Am I missing something?

  22. None of the Russians in power give a shit about having the "right" to do anything. They only care about how the consequences of actions affect themselves personally. And they'll do whatever is in their power to do, if it benefits them.

  23. Keep pointing out the obvious you freaking twit. Of course that's the case. You don't see NATO constantly saying the same inane obvious crap. NATO isn't there to attack, it's to keep you from doing what you already demonstrated you will do. Freaking child.

  24. The western world largely is independent from Russia. The problem is they decided to stomp around on a sovereign nation for no good damn reason. Insularity doesn’t really hold up to that.

  25. Russia is the school bully that turned out to be a pussy that got his ass kicked on the schoolyard. He then goes crying to his mom trying to get the other kid in trouble for the fight he started.

  26. Can't wait to get nuked because old dudes don't know what to do with themselves when they have cripplingly low libido.

  27. I watched the interview. They showed him pictures of the destruction and he said the Ukrainians did it. Blatant brainwashed person. Sick.

  28. Correction: Blatant *liar*, not brainwashed. Unlike some normal citizen of Russia with no outside news source, he travels the world and is exposed to other news. He knows perfectly well that what he's saying is false.

  29. My dad's a Q nut, and he thinks is all a show. And that ukraine is fucking up their own shit and saying it's the Russians. . . I asked him if he's watched any footage out there, he said you don't know whose who and they could be faking, and it's propaganda ( which is the only true part of what he said , if you pull some of his context away, there is propaganda on both sides) HD also said some footage is from different warz and not even this current conflict. Yeah idk, but he also still thinks that trump is slowly locking up corrupt high level military and gov officials at guantamino. He's a lost cause. It's just crazy to see his take on this. Like he's dehumanized. I told him he's the first communist conservative in our family lineage, he said he's not communist. And he doesn't support russians either. But he sure has alot to say about their opposition. Q needs to take a popular stance for once.

  30. A strong person doesn't need to talk about this, the more they talk the more it becomes apparent that their arsenal has rusted away.

  31. The only other country that directly uses its nukes to saber rattle is North Korea. US, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel… you know they have them. They know they have them. It’s not some big secret, and you know that an engagement with them assumes the risk that they might eventually be used.

  32. That is a good point. These things have viable lifespans. The nuclear cores are constantly not only decaying, but emitting radiation that has an effect over time on the components themselves. With how obviously poor their military maintenance has been, based on what we’re seeing in Ukraine, it’s entirely possible their nuclear arsenal is a fraction the size we think it is.

  33. Hottest take: In what I believe is the greatest case of irony, nuclear weapons have made wars so unpalatable that they've ultimately contributed immensely to modern day peace.

  34. Man russia just can't shut the fuck up huh? The more you toss around threats the less anyone believes them.

  35. No one has a "right" to press the nuclear button. And what's worse? The fact that we package it into just being a "nuclear button" because we humans have no way to properly communicate the absolutely mindblowing devastation that even one nuclear bomb causes, not even speaking of hundreds or thousands launched. Put simply, we are biologically incapable of truly comprehending the horror and destruction that would ensue. It's the same as trying to truly comprehend and visualize 1 billion dollars.

  36. A singular nuclear bomb (technically 2 but one per city) with a 10 kiloton yield was dropped on Japan. It singlehandedly destroyed an entire city. Not just damaged. Not crippled. Obliterated. Adiós. Deleted off the map. 80k people died before their neurons could even register that they were in danger. That’s not something a single weapon should be able to do.

  37. I think we are capable of comprehending it, which is why sane people want to avoid provoking Russia. Insane people don’t comprehend it and are the ones you see on here saying we should invade Russia.

  38. I don't wish to give credence to the dictators threats, but I watched "white light/black rain" on HBO (from 2007) yesterday. It showed the aftermath of a bomb (yes 2, both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were shown, but that's not the point)

  39. Russia is having a hard enough time with Ukraine. If they keep pushing they will get what they deserve. Putin is ruining innocent lives and committing war crimes as we speak. He’s a fool and will overstep and may suffer the ultimate consequence. Underestimating everyone is his weakness and being a evil thug also. The Russian people need to stand up to him before it’s too late. If he keeps threatening NATO he will find out the hard way.

  40. Why does 99% of countries have old idiots running it.. None of us subscribed to any of this stuff, yet somehow we got tricked into paying them to be there.

  41. This is probably going to come off as ignorant but at some point after so many threats it really feels like someone should do something.

  42. God damn the amount of fucking threats this week Jesus US Intelligence was right about them making more holy i definitely see plenty of more scared Redditors this is fucking psychological warfare at this point Jesus

  43. Yes, these public messages are not for Biden and NATO, they have their own channels, they are for the populations, maybe they expect us to wreck our economies "rushing out to buy sugar" to survive nuclear winter :D

  44. Just remember that there is plenty of synthetic panic on reddit too. Anyone who has been here a while has seen the influx of bots, 137 day old accounts, and general extreme/extreme/Russian talking point combos to know.

  45. That's how they are able to get away with anything. Threaten nuclear and the world backs off. They can pretty much do whatever and get away with it.

  46. Yeah it’s like: “we’ll totally do it, don’t think that we won’t, we’re crazy you don’t know what we’ll do. We’ll kill us all over a country we failed to invade because they threatened us with Nato (a defensive alliance) and we are so threatened by this that will will annihilate our own country to protect ourselves.

  47. And we have the right to form a nuclear response twice as hard hitting as yours. I reckon they've got nowhere near as many warheads functional as they actually say, given the state of the Russian military shown in Ukraine.

  48. If Russia keeps threatening the world like this we have the right to disarm them. A mad dog has to be put down…

  49. I’m really sick of them threatening to nuke every few days because the world is making it difficult for them to invade another country with ease. These people have caused so much devastation and pain.

  50. My guess is they don't have it. Look at how they fucked up the invasion of 🇺🇦. All the money meant for the military was lost due to corruption. Keeping a nuclear arsenal ready requires lots of time, maintenance, and most importantly money. If they pissed away the money meant for keeping their army up to date, you think they didn't do the same for their nuclear arsenal? The arsenal is seriously never used. I bet they have one or two they could launch but would require time enough to prepare that everyone would know ahead of time. Russia has nothing and is nothing. Time to liberate the Russian people. Fuck Putin and all oligarchs everywhere.

  51. Imagine being so pissed off that your unprovoked invasion of an innocent country isn’t going to plan so you start making threats to use nuclear weapons… For a diplomat he sure doesn’t seem to understand the concept of diplomacy

  52. I'd assume at the very least their 12 nuclear subs are fully capable. Thats roughly about 80x10 100kt-ish Warheads. More than enough to put a lot of death and suffering into the world. So thats 80-100 megatons of capability on subs alone. And that's simply assuming all their ICBMs are for crap and any Bombers would be intercepted long before reaching targets. Which are huge assumptions I would not make.

  53. They push that button and their country gets obliterated by all of NATO and not one damn country will come to their aide.

  54. You are making nuclear threats to people who are doing little more then telling you are acting like a cunt and punishing you for it. Good job Russia.

  55. Russia knows the consequences. Since day 1 they have played the psychology game, that of a country more prepared to engage in nuclear war. This had the desired impact, but with each threat it seems less impactful as Russias military and economy collapses. Threats are all Russia has, but they are panicking and it’s starting to show.

  56. call me crazy but, when a country says "we have the right to fuck the whole world up if X thing happens" pretty much gives the right to the rest of the world, to fuck this country up like, immediately...!

  57. Define “threaten”. Russian leaders seem to respond to perceived slights to their dignity as an actual, tangible threat requiring retaliation.

  58. Translation: If we were stupid and invaded a nation at peace and other nations threaten us outside of our borders as occupiers of another nation we will nuke them because we are stupid. ~ Russia

  59. Given the state of most of their weaponry, even if the nuke itself works, I doubt the remote button does.

  60. This reminds me of how like the people trying to convince you they are rich won’t shut up about their money…

  61. If you say stuff like that, you should be treated as we all treat North Korea. Get fucked, nobody do any business with you whatsoever.

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