Russia tensions with Israel may intensify as Kremlin denies Putin's apology

  1. There's been a lot of conflicting stuff coming out of the Kremlin and people are starting to think there's a bubble of internal strife that's about to pop.

  2. Russia's MO is literally to sow as much chaos as possible. Weaken all rivals by contradicting media and influence. Realize this and understand Russia. Make no mistake, they are at war with more than just Ukraine.l

  3. Israel: "You know what, forget military coordination in Syria. Next time we attack a Hezbollah command center we will do it in complete surprise and let the Syrians try to shoot our airplanes with the SAMs you gave them and hit your own airplanes by mistake instead."

  4. Everyone from the Israeli government to neo-Nazis hates you, Putin. I hope he dies soon from the most painful ailments known to man.

  5. If you understand the fact 90% of Russians have state media as their main news source, the tactic becomes obvious:

  6. "Sorry, we lie all the time so please don't take it personally. We didn't mean it. We are just going to keep repeating it"

  7. I want to thank Sergei Lavrov for his service. Great job, way to go. Say something nice about Hungary and Turkey too.

  8. Is a circus maximus and the clowns are the stars. No one is serious is just a deadly joke game of death and money and mad politicians totally mad. And we the people have to put up and be obedient hive of dead walking anytime they big money decided to give us more virus,war and starvation. We the 6 billion we just agreed with the pieces of shit.

  9. Many south Americans know dictators too well. Business and Governments are whores to money and power but I promise you the populace knows what Russia is.

  10. Russia - with words alone - has shifted Israel from neutral in this conflict to a new ally of Ukraine, and Israel is already now begun to commit aid.

  11. Israel had been giving aid for a long time - they were the first to set up a field hospital in Ukraine. Still, glad to see Ukraine's gonna get the toys now.🇺🇦

  12. Why are Israel and Russia such buddies? Was never aware of this before. Kind of ironic considering Putin is arguably the closest thing to Hitler that the 21st century currently has to offer..

  13. I wonder if Russia actually didn't apologize and Israel said they did just to make Putin look weak. That would be hilarious. Well played by Israel.

  14. I think more likely is that Israel said they did in order to justify remaining ambiguous in their stance towards Russia. After all, if Russia is going to start playing the whole "Hitler was a Jew" card, the people of Israel are going to demand their government oppose Russia. So if their PM wants to remain ambiguous, he has to tell the people of Israel that Putin apologized.

  15. I feel like Kremlin and Putin seem not to be on the same page, except they both approve of the war. Sadly, I know that's not true

  16. In terms of geopolitics Israel is essentially a small Russia - country that is defined by what happened 80 years ago that "only grew its territory by the way of defensive wars" and which accuses everyone of hate (russophobia vs antisemitism), is extremely nationalistic and denouces any type of moral compass as luxury its can't afford because it views the world through realpolitik and existential threat. It will try to keep its relationships with Russia intact for as long as possible and instead will try to use stories likes this as a distraction - otherwise people might start noticing that Israel's official position is to avoid taking sides and doing anything.

  17. As someone who as Jewish heritage, Zelensky only became “Jewish” when it suited him. That being said, he can’t be compared to Hitler in the slightest. Stupid retort.

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