Russia warns of response if NATO moves nuclear forces closer

  1. Doesn't Russia have nuclear warheads in Kaliningrad? Thats basically behind NATO eastern border. You cant get closer than that.

  2. What’s old dude threatening now? It’s like everyday blah blah blah Nuke this and nuke that and just for fun nuclear tsunami. We get it you are now NK 2.0 and just say nuke so people think your important or something. Go home Russia and stay there

  3. Yep. After Russia's collapse - Kaliningrad will be most armed country in the world. Tanks, cruise missiles, hypersonic missiles, nukes...

  4. Rape your infants, kill and eat your pets, torture boys and girls. There are a great many things to fear from a Russian invasion, even if they lose.

  5. I got bad news for Russia: there is a US submarine in St. Petersburg's harbor right now with a missile flight time of 30 seconds to the elimination of the top 100 targets of value in Russia.

  6. Besides ballistic missile subs I'd be surprised if we've moved anything since they invaded Ukraine. MAD isn't about moving things around to be close enough with enough notice anymore.

  7. He's just trash talking. He's going to complain that NATO moved nukes closer even though they've been in the same spot this whole time. He's escalating in order to save face, which is stupid logic. He's going to bring the bar down so low that when he can finally hurdle over it, he can call it a win. Way of the Trump.

  8. Most nukes are actually not ICBMs. Most are probably medium-ranged ballistic missiles launched from submarines, followed by gravity bombs and cruise missiles. And Russia has thousands of tactical nukes, including artillery shells.

  9. Of course they do. And 99% is ment for internal consumption. He has to keep up his appearance of a strong and developed Russia. Ofc we know that is bullshit, but indoctrination can hit pretty hard.

  10. NATO has no reason to move nukes into Sweden or Finland. In addition, moving nukes on foreign soil is not done over night.

  11. NATO won't move anything into Finland. They're set. All Finland and Sweden joining NATO means practically is them being part of Article 5. That includes having everyone being part of a shared command structure and doctrine, but they won't even need a new base; it's all there already.

  12. The tape they used to hold their gps onto the dash fell off. USSR issue duct tape, like at a DT, not the good shit.

  13. They have done that always. It seems to be part of their foreign policy to go into other countries airspace. They know no one will have the balls to shoot down their planes

  14. Bro we don’t need to move them anywhere. We can already hit anywhere on the face of the earth at any time. It’s what happens when you upkeep your equipment.

  15. I mean if you move them closer you can in theory conduct a decapitating first strike of high speed low time of flight nuclear strikes that cripple retaliatory capabilities to where the US ABM net can be of use and the country can live on minus 10-20% of the pop.

  16. This shit is meant for domestic audiences. Russia needs an enemy their people can be frightening of or else they will realize their real enemy is the Russian government.

  17. But moving from "Finland and Sweden must not join Nato!" to this means they've already accepted Nato expansion!

  18. Putin- it's not really a threat is it. If you do it to us then we do it to you. The end of eveything for us and for you. I get crippling social anxiety, fear and loathing in a supermarket- you think the total and immediate vaporisation of me, my family and friends is about to worry me more?

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  21. I don't think Nato has been or is moving nuclear forces closer to Russia. There's no interest in doing it since the submarines are enough?

  22. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure it does matter because of how much time you have to react to a potential nuclear missile launch, and how can you react ( the closer it is, the harder it is to try to shoot it down ).

  23. There’s no way there already isn’t at least a couple of Ohio class nuclear submarines near Russia right now.

  24. This is the setup for disinformation about NATO (which doesn't have nuclear weapons, only member states do) moving nuclear weapons closer (which member states don't have to do since they can already hit Russia from where their nukes are currently).

  25. Yeah, the more vehemently the Kremlin denies something the more you should believe in it.

  26. The fact that oil can still be used as a power pawn in today world screams to us that we need to be working on reliant alternative. Places like Russia and Saudi Arabia should not be allowed this much power. We need to be working together to make these sources of fuel/energy laughable options.

  27. These threats only serve to reassure Finland and Sweden that they are making the right decision. A few months ago most people believed it was unthinkable that Putin would green light a full scale invasion of Ukraine. Now it’s crystal clear that he is capable of anything, and that Article 5 and the nuclear umbrella are the only real guarantee against the presence of Russian soldiers on one’s land.

  28. Denmark an Norway are NATO. They have a policy to not allow US bases or nuclear missiles. Finland and Sweden when in NATO will continue to not be escalating tensions.

  29. Russia has threatened the entire world with nukes. They don't get to decide how countries prepare for further aggression from what's become a rogue nation.

  30. I dont want to hear what russia says anymore. They have lost our favor and spit in our face. If theyre about to declare war i will hear of it, otherwise ill be ignoring them. Let them descent to tribalism and huts.

  31. Our rockets can go around the earth multiple times and still hit putin right in the bussy. We don't need to move them closer.

  32. Was NATO even interested in doing this? Pretty sure the USA is happy with its current ability to end all life on the planet from within our borders and SSBNs.

  33. Nuclear missiles are already on their border at all times because it's not 1962 anymore. Nuclear missiles are launched from submarines now, have been for 40 years. Both sides have fully loaded subs patrolling each others coasts at all times. It's not in any way a secret or something they try to prevent each other from doing, it's just a fact of life.

  34. Putin is on his way out and he knows it. He’s going to die anyway, so he doesn’t care if a nuclear war starts, he’s dead anyway, may as well kill as many as he can before he goes.

  35. What Russia "says" or "warns" is moot, they've proven time and time again they can't be trusted. They are basically pathological liars and aggressive at that. The proper response here is for NATO to do whatever the fuck they want to neutralize this aggressor once and for all.

  36. says the county that took all of Ukraines nukes promising to not do exactly what it's doing now. why should any county give a y fucks what this money loosing desperate dying despot says

  37. Sorry Vlad but if you keep threatening to use nuclear weapons what kind of response do you expect? The problem with you keep warning NATO is that they have no take it seriously now that your conventional military has had the myth of the unstoppable machine well and truly dismissed the only thing left to wave at us is the nuclear weapons card..... So if you have your back to the wall and facing defeat and humiliation you just might prefer to see the world burn and push the button.. It would be stupid and irresponsible not to be prepared to retaliate.....

  38. Eh, I think out of all the crazy demands from Russia in the past months this is a valid request and not a big deal. Is not like NATO can't already respond appropriately right now, so is not worth to escalate things with no real benefit.

  39. Russia is just posturing. They know the minute they use nuclear weapons their country and people will be wiped clean from planet earth. Russia is like North Korea 2.0.

  40. Could they either get on with it already, or quit their sabre rattling? I'm tryna plan a trip to Europe, so I'd like to know if it'll still be there before I spend the money, and I don't think 'nuclear apocolypse' is covered by any flight insurance

  41. No one gives a shit about russias warnings anymore. They warn us 30 times a day about whatever stupid shit their tiny brains come up with.

  42. Russia needs to be isolated from the rest of world just like North Korea. Don’t import from them and don’t export to them. They want to be the bully they can play alone.

  43. Realistically, what is their response? More missiles in the baltic? Kaliningrad already basically just exists to be a nuclear missile silo. Who fucking cares what Russia thinks anymore

  44. Putin often warns how his ballistic {and ultra-ballistic and hyper-ballistic} nuclear missles can devastate Berlin, Paris, London in scant minutes {measured in seconds}. Then he flips the narrative to warn he will not allow nukes to edge closer to Russia's border, as if NATO is not similarly armed.

  45. Yes, NATO is the one with its Nucs out waving it around like it’s the only thing it has going for it… 🙄…

  46. The problem with threatening to nuke is it isolates you completely. No country, friend or foe wants to be annihilated by Putin being trigger happy. Especially China. It's the reason all the "stans" normally friends of Russia have suddenly backed away from Putin like a 3rd grader that just shit his pants on the playground. They might be Russian "friendly" until he threatens to wipe out all their families and countries as collateral damage in a nuclear war with the west.

  47. Why? Putin is the only guy who rules the world? Let Sweden and Finland join the NATO. What consequences? The military actions. That is the only reason both countries are joining NATO.

  48. You are the cause of this, directly. And once again, no one wants to attack your crappy country.

  49. Unfortunately for Putin he already played all his cards. Russia already has nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad and they signed a treaty with Belarus to allow Russia to place nuclear weapons in their territory. So I have no idea what his “response” would be, placing nuclear weapons right on NATO’s border?

  50. Russia it's either total annihilation of this planet or you knock this shit off. There's no world where you come out victorious.

  51. Russia was stopped by a country that was only supported by NATO, if they ever went up against NATO fully, they would be annihilated. As for Russian nuclear forces, does anyone really think they are in any better condition than the rest of the Russian military??

  52. sadly cold War nukes are still nukes but at this point who's taking russias statements seriously anymore officially

  53. Kaliningrad clearly already brought russian nuclear weapons to the NATO border in the centre of the EU...or is this a one way discussion where only Russia's opinion counts.

  54. Yea yea keep on threatening you old bald fuck. The spell has been broken, everyone now knows you’re basically the North Korea of Europe; all talk and no walk.

  55. Closer than they already are? Like another 10 seconds is going to make a difference when a nuclear bomb is sent from a place a few miles/ kilometers closer?

  56. The thing Putin needs to understand is we don't f-ing care if we all die so long as we torture him to death for his war crimes... his filthy Z boys raped a 15 year old child for 10 days... we r never going forgive that x

  57. Just another bluster for their masses. Russia knows full well NATO isn't about to place nuclear weapons in Finland and Sweden should they join nor do I think either of those countries would allow it since Finland has made it clear it still wants a cordial relationship with Russia after it joins NATO. Moscow at this point has to complain an act tough here since they want to hide the obvious slap in the face this is to Russia's prestige due to the entire Ukraine war being portrayed as them stopping NATO expansion only to have this happen with not much they can do about it.

  58. For a long time these threats meant something to NATO and returned results for Russia. I think NATO is over Putin's threats. He is obviously trying to regain control of the situation and looking stupider and stupider by the day.

  59. Has nukes on Kaliningrad, threatens about nuking NATO cities every single day, whines about NATO nuclear forces closer…

  60. You see, here’s the rub Vladimir, the beauty of our nuclear weapons is we don’t need to drive them up to your border to use them. In fact I know it sounds like sorcery but we can launch them from submarines or even the good ol’ US of A.

  61. The only fucking people threatening nuclear war is Russia and North Korea. NATO simply says "If you nuke us first, we will nuke you back."

  62. Putin is an impotent shitstain. His military is garbage and he is about to die from cancer. No one is afraid of that scumbag anymore.

  63. Lol. Please. They know that in the weeks before they even set foot in Ukraine, the West's nuclear subs were moving to strategic positions all around the continent. Just lurking and running daily drills in a high readiness state.

  64. Even this picture looks 20 years old. The Shaking Kleptocrat looks more like Palatine these days.

  65. Russia can suck it up. They created this situation by their reckless and illegal invasion of Ukraine. They’re just complaining because bullies don’t like it when you push back.

  66. I'm 100% certain they have no plans to move nukes any closer. ICBMs have enough range to hit from home and SLBMs are plenty close under the arctic ocean. Oh, and the short range nukes in Turkey and Germany pretty much round out the issue and have Russia surrounded. Russia has always been at a geographical disadvantage when it comes to a nuclear exchange. And if the US/NATO wanted to put nukes in Sweden, they could do it covertly.

  67. This is an interesting threat. If Russia spends logistical, material and PR resources moving around a response that won’t ever matter, that’s incrementally less effort going towards the Ukraine invasion.

  68. Putin you invaded Ukraine, you where getting closer to NATO. NATO is just now getting closer in a way you don't like because you losing.

  69. Hilarious. God forbid we move ground-based nukes closer. That’s way more threatening than the submarines in their waters, B-2 bombers in their skies, and tactical nukes surrounding their borders right now as we speak. Don’t move them closer or else! Hahaha.

  70. Considering the apparent state of Russia's military equipment are we sure they even have functional nuclear missiles?

  71. I’m open to other ideas, but the idea of a long-drawn out war on Ukrainian soil sucks and we should directly intervene. Maybe it’s time we pull our dicks out and tell little man to go home and hope we don’t punish him too bad.

  72. Russia is starting to feel like the new North Korea. Just say whatever they want because they are running low on food or money.

  73. I just get the impression they’ve released they completely overplayed their hand and are now freaking out trying to say anything to reverse the current NATO course which is now unstoppable.

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