Medicinal cannabis shown to reduce pain and need for opiate painkillers among cancer patients

  1. No shit. Im an amputee who is a year away from a prescribed fentanyl addiction thanks to weed, it saved my life

  2. Some years ago I was being assessed for a 3 week inpatient Chronic Pain clinic. Clearly unhappy with my admission to weed use nurse claims "There's no real evidence blah blah weed blah pain. blah blah blah...". I replied well thats not entirely accurate but im prepared to concede that point. However I find that my suffering is greatly reduced which also reduces the drive for opiates for relief...... She wasn't happy.

  3. Same for me, though to a lesser scale. Two metal hips from getting t-boned on my motorcycle. Painkillers take the pain away, sure, but life remains as unlivable. Weed does not make the pain go away, but it makes life vastly more livable and enjoyable.

  4. Chronic pain human here. Most articles state CBD helps for pain, or studies show weed doesn’t work. And I’m left scratching my head cause it helps me a lot! 5 years on opioids and I’ve seen numerous professionals in the spine and pain arenas, most of them tell me using weed won’t work.

  5. So what the research seems to be showing (this is early stage research so may change) is weed seems to work on the opioid pathway to provide some pain relief. So how pain killing works is the opioid receptors are stimulated which sends signals through various pathways to ultimately cause the pain relief. Weed seems to have some effect on that pathway down stream from the opioid receptors themselves. Doesn't work as well as opioids but of course there are all sorts of issues using opioids all the time so for some people weed might be enough to take the edge off without the downsides of opioids.

  6. Also chronic pain; I can't take Ibuprofen because it messes with my memory, but I've found a brand of CBD oil that has changed my life. I feel better, I don't hurt as much, I sleep through the night, and I'm able to interrupt my dark thoughts and refocus on positive things.

  7. MMJ helped with my pain and nausea related to my pancreatic disease. CBD did nothing for me, didn't relax or anything. But, unfortunately I had to move to a state that only prescribes MMJ to cancer patients.

  8. Personal antidote, to deal with chronic pain I had been taking codeine or morphine four times a day for over six years. The side effects wrecked me.

  9. Nice! Another research that confirms cannabis has medicinal benefits. Hopefully in a near future this way of thinking will become a norm and cannabis will no longer be criminalized.

  10. But what will the big pharmacy companies that are hooking people on opiates going to doooo! You didn't think of the billionaaaaires! /s

  11. When my mom started chemo/radiation, I was concerned she would get addicted to her pain killers as she had a bit of a habit when I was in my early teens. Her doctor actually gave her a medical Marijuana card and kept the opiate prescription very low and almost exclusively after procedures were done. A few years later, she beat the cancer, dodged the opiate issues, and now I get to buy medical Marijuana from my mom!

  12. "We need more science to make sure marijuana is safe!" meanwhile people been smoking reefer since 1,000,000 BC

  13. It reduces my need for my stronger meds with my spinal condition, I’d be taking condense all the time without it

  14. Same thing I've heard from combat wounded veterans. The choice of being doped out of your mind or using illegal cannabis and being there for your family is an easy one. Cannabis really helps with pain and PTSD it's ridiculous that medicine use at least isn't universal.

  15. I was shocked at how effective weed was in helping me with back pain. I've always enjoyed a smoke, and had always assumed the painkiller side of things was just a tactic to get it legalised - it never helped me with a headache. But when I was suffering with some back pain, one toke and it just lifted away like it was never there at all. Instant relief. It's an occasionally recurring thing, and a little bit of weed does wonders.

  16. So how long is it going to take them to figure out the same bullshit we've known for decades already?!!! Can we just cut the shit and legalize already?!?!?!

  17. My wife is doing immunotherapy for cancer that came back and she's having pain issues that opioids aren't helping. She's trying everything. Doc found out she has a more severe reaction to the treatment than normal, so she's in more pain than the average person. But we're in TN, no medical MJ here in the foreseeable future. I'm really curious to see if it would help, she's concerned and trying to be careful about addiction. So stupid $$$ from the few is what passes laws for the many, there is no reason this stuff should put someone in jail and ruin their life.

  18. Try the legal delta-8, delta-9 or HHC strains. You can buy them legally online in TN since the passage of the hemp act. Slightly different variants of THC with milder effects. I’m a former MMJ patient and found 1:1 THC:CBD to be most effective and the Deltas and HHC are high CBD. I found no relief with CBD alone. Hope your wife finds some relief. Should you try edibles pay attention to dosage. 5-10 mg to start. Some edibles are much higher and need to be cut.

  19. My father had chemotherapy and 37 sessions of radiation treatment on his neck. If it weren’t for medical cannabis, he would have used the morphene he was prescribed for pain and been on a feeding tube due to lack of appetite. Immensely thankful he had this option.

  20. Im glad ypu fpund somthing that works so well for you Its insane its stigma keeps it from you. Good luck keeping dry. Fightt on brother

  21. The bummer is i can get narcotics covered by insurance. I have to pay for the weed. Still worth it.

  22. I’m really anti opiate as I was an addict for 12 years and it fucking ravaged my life. I’m sorry but cannabis doesn’t do jack shit for physical pain like opiates do.

  23. This is partially true. Cannabis and opioids cause different reactions in different people. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. The issue is putting blanket bans on these types of drugs instead of going case by case.

  24. I'm a retired nurse who currently uses cannabis for pain control, something I never could do until after I retired so I never actually appreciated exactly what it could do. Even now, after I have my own experience with weed, the fact that I didn't do painkillers before made me oblivious as to how effective weed could be for that transition. I am married to someone who was addicted to opiate painkillers and managed very successfully to transition off of them to weed only. Seeing firsthand, not just as a nurse, but in my own personal life, what weed can do therapeutically has been one of the most eye-opening things in my entire nursing career!

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