Jacinda Ardern congratulates next Australian PM Anthony Albanese

  1. It's funny to me that ScoMo was almost as embarrassing as Boris Johnson. Thankfully Aussies don't seem to be willing to elect their own Trump, but the whole world holds their breath every time the UK, France, or Australia have a general election.

  2. Scomo was trying at every turn to screw over New Zealand, I can't fathom why with how amiable we've always been towards Australia (except in sports lol).

  3. Definitely newsworthy! Australia is a strong ally, a major reserve of resources, and unfortunately a climate change problem. We need to understand and work with them on many levels.

  4. No, the ex politicians were the climate change problem. This election result has well and truly proven that the Australian population is and has been demanding action on climate change. Politicians just haven’t been listening.

  5. South Korea just started their turn on the corrupt reactionary strongman leader ride. Gonna be a long six years.

  6. I’ve been alive for labor and liberal governments. For the most part it’s no different day to day. Get a bit older and you’ll realise that

  7. Wait he didn't cause a riot and attempt a coup? But I thought the US did freedom and democracy the best.....

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