700,000 soldiers defending Ukraine now, Zelenskyy says, as battles rage in the Donbas.

  1. There was a picture circulating fairly early on of a Ukrainian soldier returning home on recovery leave and his girlfriend/wife greeting him (not sure if recovery leave is the right term; he’s uninjured, just on break).

  2. Some 700,000 Ukrainian soldiers are now actively participating in defending the country, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a televised interview on Saturday.

  3. I think a big part of this is Russian brutality biting them in the ass. With all of the crimes Russian soldiers have been committing there is a strong motivation to fight. If you risk getting executed or having them sexually assaulted anyway there is not reason not to fight.

  4. It's a believable number for a conscripted and mobilized army. Iraq with a population of around 28 Million during the Iran-Iraq War till 1991 had between 700,000 and 800,000 soldiers. Iran with 60 Million people had a Million man army. Ukraines population is 42 Million. That said the training and quality of half of those troops would be questionable.

  5. The problem Ukraine has is lack of equipment, it's relatively low number per capita. During WWII some countries had over 15% of their population mobilised, 700,000 is less than 2% of Ukraine's population.

  6. thats called mobilization. And if you listen to Russian analyists who arent drinking the koolaid, they're worried about it

  7. It's also propaganda. Not that that's inherently a bad thing, but take any info a government releases during wartime with a grain of salt. Given the conscription I bet a lot of those are almost completely untrained.

  8. That’s about what I would expect from a country with 44 million people that are trying to save their history, their children and their livelihoods. Fuck Putin.

  9. If someone was destroying your home land indiscriminately, killing your granny, raping your sisters and daughters, and you have global support, you'll sign up. Especially with Soviet rule in living memory.

  10. How many of those were ordinary civilians just 3 months ago? Russia has made a monumental miscalculation. Z is for zero fucking chance of "winning".

  11. Wish we could discern between truth and propaganda, tbh. That number is higher than the reported Russian troops at the beginning of the war

  12. The Ukrainian gov currently pays each soldier 100,000 UAH ($3,382) a month to fight in the war. To put that in to perspective, US soldiers have been paid between $500 - $1,3000 a month for serving during Afghanistan or Iraq war. I can see the Ukrainian government will only pay their soldiers more per month as the war goes on. Aside from the mass genocide done to Ukraine, I would say this is a factor as to why the number’s are as they are

  13. If that's even half true with the weapons that western countries are sending its just a matter of time until Russia is forced into full mobilization at home or is forced to retreat.

  14. My understanding is that for greater mobilisation, Putin would need to activate legal mechanisms in Russia that would actually take away his absolute authority over this "special military operation", and that the addition of more people would likely let cooler heads prevail and result in an end to the war.

  15. The Ukrainians know what they’re fighting for, while the Russians do not, and the Russians are clearly getting their bells rung. This just goes to show who has more heart and drive to win; the ones fighting to survive in the face of unprovoked aggression.

  16. Well, it’s mostly Ukraine is fighting a defensive war. Putin tried invading a country of 41 million people with a force of 100k. That’s laughable.

  17. Russia hasn't fougth a major war in recent history without losing at least 300-500 thousand men. Russia was always on the losing side in the Crimean War but didn't stop until they literally could not. Russia will not stop after losing nearly 30,000 men in a few months. We're nowhere near the breaking point.

  18. It gives me minor Vietnam vibes. If a people really feel like they are fighting for their right to exist freely, it is almost impossible to wipe them out. The only option would be to severly escalate the conflict to a war of extermination, but that is impossible to justify at home, and would only spur the rest of the world to double down on their aid to these people.

  19. Makes no sense unless they plan on saying they created a land bridge to Crimea and that was their only go.

  20. I've heard they have T100s and T99s, with liquid metal cooling and cybernetic exoskeletons. Or that's what the Russians said.

  21. I saw a clip of some Russian troops this morning, and there was an Old man in the middle of the thing, taking orders from a leader. Fucking Putin. The man was at least 60. This man will probably lose his life for nothing. All of them, no matter the age, will lose their lives for Nothing.

  22. decent chance that old man was conscripted from Luhansk or Donetsk. that was half of the reason for Putin declaring them independent, you can force service from "fighting age" men, which usually ends up being 16-60. Fucked up all around.

  23. Rather the 60 year old, who 1) has less life to lose, 2) is more likely to support Putin, 3) has had his entire life to fight for change in Russia etc… than an 18 year old kid, surely?

  24. My main concern is how does Putin get out of this? Without destroying his country or starting the biggest war known yet. I feel like we are backing a dog into a corner.

  25. Saying Mariupol was the primary target and they killed all the Nazis. Annex DPR and LPR. Pretty much where they were in 2014 but with an extra port.

  26. I’m not kidding when I say Putin is Lord Farquaad from Shrek. ”Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make.” He wants Ukrainian territory as his legacy, and is willing to do anything to attain his goal

  27. Considering Russian propaganda hecan be humiliated and forced to retreat with no gain and still say that it was a huge success and Russia is stronger than ever.

  28. Putin might be fucked. Even if he actually loses his mind I don't think the Russians will allow him to use a nuclear bomb. The embarrassment would be too great for him to walk away empty-handed though, and a propaganda pill excusing losing would be too hard to swallow I'd imagine. He made his bed, he might have to lie in it.

  29. He could just blame everything on his closest advisors, saying they been missinform him or straight up lied to him and then go assassinate them. Everyone would know the truth but no one could prove it.

  30. Don’t forget a large number of that 700k are now combat veterans from the intense fighting. While Russia is sending in fresh reserves and conscripts.

  31. Putin seems to think he can restart the history time clock to 1988 with the way he’s running this war. He’s disconnected from reality. I bet he thinks it’s going great . A true madman

  32. The number is impressive but not everyone is toting a rifle, remember. For every person at the front, there's (I've heard all these before but) 3/5/10 soldiers behind the line, making sure stuff has a decent chance of getting to where it's going.

  33. It's very situation dependent. The "tooth to tail ratio" (how many combat troops vs support personnel) is very high in western nations. But in Ukraine, where the front lines are within your own country, and your equipment won't last long enough to need servicing, it will probably be on the low side of that figure.

  34. It's amazing how many people underestimated Ukraine's fighting spirit and capability. It wasn't just Putin; I recall many western "experts" (though not all of them) predicting a Russian victory in a matter of weeks. I've even had debates with people on this sub because few people realized how insane it would be to try to occupy a country like Ukraine with 200k soldiers. I wish the Kremlin could see this, but they are enamored with their own propaganda.

  35. Yep. Russia has been proven a paper tiger with nukes. Their leader is unstable - who knows what he will do to claim victory.

  36. Because it wasn't meant to last more than 2 weeks. Zelensky himself said something like there were 4 assassination attempts on him. Once you knock off the head of state and take out the political leaders, it's a lot easier to occupy and insert more favorable politicians. If you can wipe out large part of the army that backed the leader and can turn a military leader and some politicians with bribes, it makes the job much easier. Didn't Ukraine take a few traitors out after the initial talks with Russia in Belarus after the war started?

  37. They probably won’t win in any meaningful way but they will likely leave Eastern Ukraine a wasteland in the process. They can keep their distance and continue to shell everything into oblivion. It’s really sad. While the Ukrainians may ultimately prevail, I don’t see Russia giving up quickly or easily. This should be a reminder that in most cases, everybody loses in war. Even just and necessary wars such as Ukraine’s self defense impart a horrible cost. I just wish it for everyone that it would end. The chance of this spreading beyond Ukraines borders and taking the world in a very dangerous direction is not trivial either.

  38. Isn't it funny how many inactive accounts with little to no post histories are waking up to visit this thread with broken english?

  39. Not arguing the end result, but the numbers might be propped up a bit since both sides use propaganda, and more importantly - the US has that number in active trained military by your own words. This “700,000” isn’t that. It’s people that are now fighting. An amount are trained. I don’t know the numbers. But it’s not the same.

  40. It doesn't change your point, but are you sure the US has the largest standing military? Most online sources show China with ~2M on active duty. Which kinda makes sense since there's 1.3B Chinese.

  41. Russia is now switching to defending, so the numbers begin to look less good when Ukraine is forced to attack entrenched Russians. Obviously, Ukraine still has substantial advantages, but this is likely to be an ugly, protracted, bloody counter-offensive.

  42. The amount of accounts with little to no post histories that are popping up to read this thread with broken English is really funny, isn't it?

  43. Really feels like Russia is going to lose this which is nuts considering the initial outlook back near the start of the year

  44. Absolutely. I was expecting a full take over within 30 days and then a guerilla war/insurgency for years.

  45. Here come all the redditors who are experts in international warfare and have been debriefed on all the details of Russian and Ukrainian ground forces.

  46. What the hell is putins end game at this point? The blitzkrieg failed, the citis cant be held. why does this continue

  47. At this point, he wants to take Eastern and Southern. They're still working on that. Then they will probably try to get a ceasefire going, so they can re-consolidate, and either declare the territory theirs and declare victory, or prepare to do another push to take over the whole country.

  48. Good but why announce it? Unless they already know, this information would probably increase the likelyhood of Russia mass drafting.

  49. Russia is highly unlikely to mobilise - doing so would likely cause the regime to implode, and even if it didn't, all they would get out of it is an army of poorly trained, highly unmotivated soldiers - basically cannon fodder. They'd also have to arm these soldiers somehow, which seems unlikely to happen considering that DPR and LPR soldiers have been spotted wielding mosin-nagants. So this announcement is a propaganda move, to further demoralise the Russian army -- how can you hope to win an offensive war against a ground army three times the size of yours when you can't even establish air superiority? It just highlights the absurdity of the situation.

  50. What you think the Russians just read a press release and found out how many soldiers their opponents have? Are people really this fucking stupid?

  51. You should keep in mind that this number includes all the defenders (Police, Secret Services, Border Guards, Territorial Defence etc) So the amount of the Army men and the National Guard is nowhere near that 700 000.

  52. If you're shooting at the enemy, or helping others shoot at the enemy, you are a soldier. Pretty sure the American Colonials would prove this point.

  53. Russia is about to start playing the victim lol. "We thought they'd just let us kill and rape them all and take their country, it's not fair that the west helped them!"

  54. That's a good amount of defenders. Any info on losses on Ukrainian side? I only hear about russian losses but not Ukrainian. Generally about how Ukrainian fighters damaged X many russian equipment or personnel but not much on how many did russians damage, instead russian attack tally is always about how many civilians were affected by Russians.

  55. Not to discount the suffering already inflicted and still to come, but I imagine there's some measure of emotional release with Ukraine finally fighting for its eastern territories in all-out combat instead of low-intensity conflict.

  56. How did Russia fuck this up so bad. They sent a lesser force comprised of elite units into a meat grinder. Jesus fucking Christ man what kind of crack is vlad smoking.

  57. I've said it time and time again. The longer this war goes on, the worse it's going to be for Russia, because with every tick Ukraine will begin to reach full mobilisattion along with the insane amount of support and weapons flying in.

  58. It always amazes me how people here believe everything their media says and considers it not to be propaganda and believe nothing Russia says and considers it all propaganda. Isn’t that the first sign you have been brain washed? Refusal to believe anything the other side says?

  59. I take both with a grain of salt. I care more for what the US, and others are saying. I know the US is biased and with Ukraine but honestly, most are at this point. It's better than taking Ukrainian and Russian sources and learning nothing except that both are lying, Ukraine for morale purposes and Russia for political purposes.

  60. Facts exist. It's entirely possible for only one side to be lying or lying to a much more extreme degree.

  61. I bet all the pro-Russian separatists in Donbas are really glad they backed Russian invasion. Congrats morons, your cities are wreckage, your homes destroyed, your land in ruins.

  62. Why is it always “THE” Donbas? Donbas is the name of the region. Would you say “in the France”? “In the Washington”?

  63. Donbas is the name of the region, not the political unit associated with the region. (The equivalent to "Washington" here would be "Donetsk and Luhansk".)

  64. People are getting way too worked up about minor language quirks. It means nothing. We would certainly say “in the San Fernando Valley” for example.

  65. Would you say "the midlands" or "the Highlands"? Yes you would. Some regions do have "the" as part of their name.

  66. Same reason we don't say The Ukraine. It refers to a region within a country. The Ukraine is a legacy of when Ukraine was a region within the USSR. Calling it The Donbas takes away it's legitimacy with language.

  67. In English, when "The" is added in front of a geographical name, it is usually because that area or region is an agglomeration of other areas.

  68. Good news, but the number of front line ready and equipped units is probably much smaller. Hopefully training and equipping continues to take them to the level that they can be used if not for a counterattack to serve as front line defenders on the fronts where the counterattack will not be done.

  69. This number include police, security service, and so on, not only soldiers. Plus you have to understand, on each “fighting” solder there are 5 more “support” soldiers..

  70. I'm glad someone followed my drunk post a while back about bringing in 500K+ troops altogether. Slava Ukraini!

  71. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donbas#:~:text=The%20word%20Donbas%20is%20a,romanized%3A%20Donetskii%20ugolnyi%20bassein

  72. Key thing is how equipped (likely well with the money) and trained (much less clear). Ukrainian accounts and Russia has been quietly pushing in greater numbers, but those are largely untrained do not very combat effective. I Ukraine's extra numbers come into force with greater training and organisation then the difference should be clear over time.

  73. For as long as necessary - once the war is over Ukraine will have an economic boom, because of all of the rebuilding and getting their agriculture back up and running etc.

  74. I immediately had two thoughts. My first was that Ukraine’s gall and fight will be a thing of legend, like the 300 or the surrounded men at the Battle of the Bulge. My second was, “will we be here?”

  75. Basic training is typically 8 to 12 weeks. When Russia invaded and all those refugees were pouring west I remember thinking that's a lot of people that can be trained up in about 3 months. There's probably a lot of recruits that are general or support staff ready, if not Frontline.

  76. This what happens when you have been at war for 7 years and your very existence is being threatened. You don’t follow the honey badger into its den

  77. In the Donbas region under Russian control - it sounds like the men of military age have ended up being conscripted into the Russian army - if they have any sense they will use that opportunity to sabotage the Russian forces.

  78. I think there's never going to be a conventional war again after this. It would just be stupid for countries to invade another especially if they have a decently sized population

  79. That is a lot of soldiers. Hopefully western equipment is helping. Aren’t there a good chunk still in training in western Ukraine as well?

  80. Hell yeah! Good to see Ukraine got so strong. Especially because it seems one Ukrainian with high morale and good equipment is worth 100 Russians with low morale and poor equipment on the battlefield.

  81. For an attacking army to succeed they'll need overwhelming strength. Even if half of these reported numbers are true, there is simply no way that this war would turn out in Russia's favour.

  82. With 700k Ukrainian soldiers with modern equipment is a massive advantage against 100k Russian soldiers with obsolete equipment. The other 100k Russian soldiers are either dead or wounded... It's just a matter of time Mr. Pootine before you're conquest of a sovereign country is out of biz. And you're economy will tank (pun intended)!

  83. The Russian elites ought to get an extra 20 years of torture/prison for every Ukrainian AND Russian soldier's life they wasted on this pointless violence.

  84. Well given the way the wars gone and the complete ineptitude of the Russian forces then you'd think this would be enough.

  85. Not sure why everyone says this is inflated. It's a country of 44 million under full and mandatory mobilization for anyone of fighting age. It is also a defensive war, which is a lot easier to conscript for than a offensive war. This is total war against an existential threat.

  86. This war is just heartbreaking, At times I share/ or make posts and honestly just wish I could do more without jeopardizing my own life.

  87. Wow, so Ukrainian forces outnumber Russian forces 4 to 1, plus Ukraine is getting virtually unlimited NATO weaponry. How is Russia still gaining ground everyday?

  88. Well that’s a reliable and unbiased source for news on the Ukraine and their defences!

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