Putin 'creating some disquiet' as Russia forced to launch search for new soldiers to fight

  1. Why is it so hard to find people to fight? Get all these pro-war assholes in the country a uniform and a rifle and send them over. Could it be that he doesn't want any of these people to see what's actually happening and reporting back to Russia?

  2. Do you remember the film Goodfellas? There was a perfectly good, potentially successful restaurant that they all hung out in. They scared everyone to death and wouldn't pay their bills. Then, they took it over, used it for criminality, and run it into the ground. When they couldn't make any more money, they burned it down. They could have just run the restaurant, made money, and enjoyed it. But they couldn't, because of their criminal mindset. They can't help themselves.

  3. Yes. He's like a Civilization player using feudalism while everyone else have democracy and wondering why he's falling behind in all areas.

  4. "Some disquiet"? They make it sound like Putin turned up at a party without any booze and drank everyone else's, not invading another country and giving medals to soldiers who raped, killed and tortured thousands.

  5. With Russia's demographics, it wouldn't surprise me if the country becomes the new staging ground of neo-colonialism and annexation within the next few decades, with the decrease in population and impact of climate change.

  6. "Anyone want to fight Ukraine? Anyone? Need a volunteer. Alright if I don't get a volunteer I'm going to pick someone."

  7. I really don’t know what people expected from Putin aka Soviet Hitler: old man has gone crazy and is willing to bring down the whole of Russia with him.

  8. Worst thing is that the whole country hasn't stopped listening to him yet. So, he likely isn't the only soviet hitler out there.

  9. Stalin's evil was in the same ballpark as Hitler. Lots of brainwashed Russian zombies have completely rewritten Stalin's history and deny the Holodomor. Putin is Stalin's evil failson.

  10. This shows how fucked putler is, russians try to avoid going to war where there are more Ukrainians willing to fight than they can even train in time.

  11. Let this be a note to Americans, blindly following dictators who lie and cheat to remain in power usually leads down a road like this

  12. The Americans you are addressing are probably the least likely to pay attention or even understand. I'm saying this as a European that has been watching world politics with attention for a few decades now. We have the same here in quite a few countries. I'm scratching my head over how these people keep voting for the same human garbage but that's what they do.

  13. As an American, the ones who need to hear this have long shoved their fingers in their ears and put their blinders on.

  14. Venturing into geopolitical fanfiction, but I wonder if things might flare up again in Chechnya as a ripple effect of this. Chechnyan conscripts returning home with battle experience and probably more than a little embittered at what they were put through could be fresh gasoline on a long smoldering pile of ashes.

  15. There's like MAYBE another 100,000 males of fighting age and intelligence left in the entire country of russia. The post soviet population collapse was so bad, that it's unlikely there will even be any ethnic russians in 100 years, regardless of what they do.

  16. I can tell that a lot of Russians don't like him and think that this is the crazy old guy with split mind and it's not worthy president of country like Russia. #fuckuputin

  17. That's true, but I can also say that a lot of Russians do love him and think that he is the best thing that happened to Russia since Stalin.

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