Number of people with monkeypox in the UK jumps to 470 after 104 further cases in England

  1. In MonkeyPox, unlike Covid 19, you are only contagious after you show symptoms, so the chances of this disease becoming a global pandemic are slim.

  2. There are already confirmed reports of atypical symptom presentation and asymptomatic infections. There is a good chance that eventually we will hear that transmission is also much easier than originally thought.

  3. 99% of cases are men and 151 out of 152 people interviewed were gay/bisexual. But apparently this disease has nothing to do with gay sex

  4. It's not really anything to do with gay sex. It's more to do with having sex with people you don't know in dark clubs / saunas where you can't see them well, and never ask their name. And that's more of a gay thing. It also would not be uncommon in those scenarios for one contagious person to have sex with multiple people in one evening.

  5. Ohh we've been here before. Remember when there's was talk of shutting down air travel to and from China to buy health care systems time to brace for the epidemic/pandemic of the at the time novel coronavirus? Yet these please were dismissed by politicians and activists as "sinophobic policies"?

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