Putin’s legs repeatedly buckle during speech in fresh health fears

  1. Did anyone else watch the video in the article? Because I don't see what they are describing. Looks like he's just shifting his weight...

  2. Metro is owned by The Daily Mail… it was designed to compete with The Standard and was given away free in the morning to commuters. It has always been a tabloid but got much worse after the move online.

  3. Yes. In fact if you watch those guys behind him right at the very beginning of the video, they are swaying and shifting around too. Likely so they don't knee-lock and pass out. Agree with everything you said.

  4. Yeah. He definitely did bend his knees, but it looks easily like what someone would do when they shift their weight because their feet hurt from standing too long.

  5. Yeah, I watched it and thought the same thing. It's barely swaying. Maybe wishful thinking? I have a hard time standing still. I mean, he's a piece of shit, but I'm not seeing anyone 'repeatedly buckle'.

  6. He looked a little unsteady, but nothing I would find a sign of imminent death. Could easily be explained by intoxication, high on cold medicine or trying desperately to hold in an insistent BM.

  7. Reall, this is the same sub which believed a doctored video of Hillary Clinton being goofy with reporters was actually her having a seizure, so....

  8. Yep he bent his knees, but he didn't grab the podium or anything. He was holding his papers the whole time. And his forearms (not elbows) are resting on the edge of the podium. He could steady himself from losing balance like that, but not keep himself from falling if his knees gave out.

  9. Immediately what I suspected when I saw the headline — pretty normal thing spun into a clickbait headline. Yeah, he might not be well, but this video provides zero evidence that’s true. The man shifted his feet a few times— he must be circling the drain!!!!!

  10. I wish nothing but the worst for him but this article is more wishful thinking than solid evidence. The video purporting to show legs buckling and him gripping the podium for support looked like a guy shifting his weight and not gripping the podium at all.

  11. He is also wearing heels under his trousers which wont help. Every so often you see him walking and his ankle is where his shin should be...

  12. Yeah... I wish Putin had all the cancers, but honestly, to me, it looks like someone who's just been standing for a while.

  13. As someone who has had the displeasure of delivering addresses at a podium like this before, it's common practice to shift around and unlock your knees frequently. It's actually quite easy to pass out standing upright in a stationary position like that. Just google 'soldier passing out' and you'll see it happen.

  14. Completely wishful thinking. He’s juggling his weight forth and back, this would be hardly classified as pathologic.

  15. We can only hope that despite the best health care available to him, he is in constant excruciating pain. He is a vile, egoist wanker who has been destroying so many lives and is still eager to carry on with his act of bullying and terrorism, despite his failing health, simply to leave behind a tyrant's legacy. May whatever condition he has fucks him big time. May he die a painful death.

  16. Still standing tho, I'll wait for the news when he finally dropped dead and then will have a party.

  17. Fucking clickbait. Can we please stop using British gutter press as sources for anything? It is just complete wall-to-wall crap what they print. Why do people waste their time reading this stuff?

  18. I mean, it's the video. What kind of source do you need? If the video is not some old material you can just watch it and be the judge if it means anything or is it just tabloids.

  19. My favourite was Putin allegedly having TERMINAL cancer and that the only symptom of this disease that would kill him in 1-2 years was blindness lol

  20. I’ve read he wears some impressive lifts in his shoes to make him look talker. Looked like his feet were getting sore and he was shifting his weight. Explains his odd limb proportions, his lower legs look too long for his height.

  21. If anyone is expecting Putin's death to finish the invasion of Ukraine, I very much doubt it. Imperialism and Xenophobia are now hardwired into much of Russian culture.

  22. This article is garbage. Sure we all want it to be true but watch the video, his legs are not buckling at all. Everyone will upvote it out of wishful thinking though.

  23. Call me when there's footage of him keeling over, not when he looks like he had to stand for more than 5 minutes in one place and is trying to shift balance to alleviate the discomfort.

  24. Brought to you by the same people who claimed the Russian invaders only had supply for 3 more days and that they were retreating. Sure thing, guy. The fact that they stopped reporting Ukraine so much tells me it's not looking good for Ukraine.

  25. This guy seems like a zombie nowadays. Seems like they're trying desperately to keep him alive, using whatever experimental drugs they can find.

  26. he is simply insane in terms of his health, he swims, in a mixture of blood and antlers there are rare deer, 10 doctors walk around him everywhere, and his guards have to take his feces and urine because he is afraid that the West will do tests on them

  27. knowing that Putin is a big fan of smoke and mirrors, it's impossible to know for certain if this is real or intentional misinformation. he is definitely crafty enough to fake all this shit, the leg movements, the health reports, all of it.

  28. It's not okay to wish for someone to die, terrified and in agony, writhing in prolonged pain while sycophant doctors prescribe dangerous procedures that merely drag out a horrible death.

  29. I did not see much. It was already demonstrated in other videos that he is wearing very high concealed heels, and that he is uncomfortable standing still. I see no different here.

  30. Dude imagine if this evil fuck just trolls everyone and fakes all of these things intentionally, including leaking rumours about being terminally ill (please let this be real) just to bait reactions from his inner cercle and shit

  31. He’s actually fine, his closest comrades are just getting ready to kill him. “Hey, what’s the matter, vlad, you don’t look so good. Not coming down with acute lead poisoning, are you?”

  32. Does Putin have an heir apparent? I’m not asking about a formal monarchy. I’m asking whether someone is going to fill the power vacuum or whether there will be a fight.

  33. I did something similar to this in work when I didn’t want to work a 12 hr shift. Bravo Vlad. 👏

  34. Look at what happened after Saddam Hussein and Col. Khadaffi and Stalin died. Without some kind of Marshall plan like we had for Hitler, Tojo or even Napoleon it ain't gonna get better...

  35. I was called a mad man when I bought a Vladimir Putin voodoo dall from that sketchy homeless woman in Louisiana. Your welcome, earth

  36. This again. For everyone's info, there are much worse and apparently undoctored videos of him walking where he's shaky AF. Some people theorized it was parkinson's, so I sent that vid to my partner's sister who's a nurse with an m.s in nursing and a ton of experience and she answered by saying that she's no doctor but she's worked with people with parkinson's and his demeanour just made it look like he had a busted knee. Which happens all the time with old people. Joints fail, that doesn't mean they're going to die.

  37. Can we stop posting and upvoting this tabloid trash? Multiple posts a day from Metro, newsweek, dailymail, etc that are just making up bullshit clickbait articles. 95% of the time their source BS.

  38. I thought the other big secret was that he work soecially modified shoes to appear taller - so maybe his high heels are just wearing him out.

  39. Our propaganda machine is getting a little weak. Sure Putin may be ill but this video doesn't really show "knee buckling" in my eyes.

  40. it looks worse out of context but it's pretty obvious he was just moving when talking. They keep talking about health problems and cancer, but he has gained a few pounds, not something you typically see when someone is dying

  41. For me, within context of solely the video it is not very obvious. But I'd say given the other videos and culmination of evidence, it is clear there is something going on. Whether or not it means he is dying, only he and his doctors know that. But all signs do point to there being some sort of health issues.

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