Vladimir Putin warns Sarmat RS-28 intercontinental ballistic missile could be deployed before the end of the year

  1. I've been sick of it for decades. I'm so ready for WW3 and I'm not joking. Let's just finish this bullshit between Russia and EVERYONE. There's no one that hasn't been threatened by them, including their "allies".

  2. Were calling him Shitler now. Because Stalin-Hitler and the fact that he is a dead man walking and his security service has to collect his poop.

  3. Or they could be total failure like the rest of Russian army. Russia is spewing so many lies that their credibility gone. Even if it somehow miraculously does work, what of it there has been so many nuke threats that inflation on those is higher than in Russian economy.

  4. Shitler has threatened to nuke anyone who threatens russian sovereignty. He himself is the biggest threat to it though...

  5. Ahh tuesday, I was wondering what happened to my daily ruzzian nuclear war threat, found it, now time for a nice cup of tea.

  6. The article itself is silly. No threat was made, it’s just an announcement that a weapons system that’s been in development for years is coming into service. The flowery language about its capabilities aside, it’s not really a shocker. It’s been Soviet/Russian practice to regularly roll out new systems for decades, unlike the US which chooses to instead regularly upgrade a handful of mature systems.

  7. Pretty sure ICBMs aren't going to help much in Ukraine. But good on ya. Deploy a redundant nuclear missile when you're Army is breaking out 60 years old tanks, that's how you win a war.

  8. Funny, it's basically nine people in a room with gasoline up to their knees, all of them with matches and the one with the most warning the others that it will use them if they don't do what he wants

  9. The problem is in perception. MAD works off psychology, not reality. Missile defense has always been a scam, but an awful lot of Americans, including policymakers, have fallen for it. We spend upwards of ten billion a year on ballistic missile defense, and you see the results all the time in threads like this: people saying that we don't really have anything to worry about from Russian nukes. That's an extraordinarily dangerous opinion to hold, and if making a big fuss about how unstoppable your new missile is manages to break through the complacency and make dumbass Congressmen reevaluate that opinion, it's worth it.

  10. Putin keeps threatening nukes, but I think we'd know if he had tested any lately. And what better way to flex than doing a few well-publicized test shots? It's like he's pretending the cigar in his pocket is a gun and he's trying to hold up a bank with it.

  11. But our super hypersonic nuclear-powered laser-armed autonomous AI drone swarms are set to launch two days before that, so nyah nyah!

  12. Okay. Well your current engagement is right next to you so unless you plan on flying the thing around the earth before it strikes Ukraine that is a pretty empty threat.

  13. Doesn't really change things, so it's no threat. We can't defend against mass launch of the current Russian nukes with or without this new system involved. I mean, assuming this new missile even works, lol.

  14. I mean, if they want to make the west suffer while simultaneously wiping Russia off the face of the earth, that's a choice they can make. We can't stop them.

  15. Honestly, if nukes were going to be used, they'd of been used already. I fail to see how this war is going to get any worse, externally, for Russia than it already is.

  16. They were already able to blow me up in my bed when I was 5. What the hell is the point of repeatedly yelling about these new missiles that'll do the exact same thing the other ones do already...?

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