Putin threatens to deploy new Satan II nuclear missile - which can reach UK in just three minutes

  1. It isn't a message for leaders. It is meant to scare all of us. But we aren't absolute pussies like the Swiss. Or selfish like the Swiss. Or pieces of shit, like the Swiss.

  2. Russia actually has about 1/3 the number of nuclear powered subs as the United States alone. They can realistically only put a fraction of them out to sea at a time. If they decided to actually pull the trigger they would have to do so with less than a dozen subs, or telegraph their move by sending out more.

  3. It's actually less productive to have your ballistic missiles sitting so close to the 'enemy'. Missiles are most vulnerable during the ascention stage, would be much easier to intercept.

  4. Not a secret, Nato knows where every russian sub is, and has since the 80s. They've all got destroyers floating conveniently above them.

  5. If there are any Russian subs not rusting in their ports, then i expect an NATO submarine sailing 10miles behind its tail.

  6. That would be a very poor decision. And how Moscow gets turned into glass in six minutes, and humanity gets knocked back to the stone age. But it's the Daily Fail (and Russia) so it's probably fiction.

  7. Lol I was about to go to bed when I saw this post and scrolled for a comment that would ease my worries enough for me to calm down. Back to bed I go

  8. I wonder if the likes of the Daily Mail ever take payments from the likes of BAE Systems or any large defence contractors who would directly gain from extra military spending by the Brit govt into nuclear etc.

  9. Everything aside can we just take a minute to reflect on how cringy edgelord it is to name your missile "Satan"? How Bond-esque villain can you get?

  10. Satan is the nickname everyone else made for the missile, because RS-28 Sarmat Super-heavy Intercontinental Ballistic Missile doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

  11. 'Satan' was the NATO designation for a SS-18 missile. The Soviets never called it that. Now with the new one it's just Daily Mail being Daily Mail, the actual Russian name is 'Sarmat' (a nomadic tribe's name or something).

  12. The name of the missile is Sarmat, but it's called Satan in the western media, part of the effort to demonize everything Russian...

  13. Seriously, even if our defense systems are very bad at stopping the payload we are very good at detecting missiles coming through our airspace. Firing a nuke in this day and age necessarily means condemning countless people of one or more of your own cities to death.

  14. Because he knows he can’t handle a conventional war with a NATO country, hence why going straight to nukes. Small dick energy.

  15. Good news! We’re definitely not going to have a nuclear war. However, brace yourself for a lot more fear mongering in the coming months.

  16. "hey guys! Putin here back at it again with a new nuclear war threat! This time we're going to be doing an unboxing vide of the Satan II. Make sure to like and subscribe for more new content!

  17. You may have forgotten after the Cold War ended Russia removed 42 or 44 nuclear suitcase bombs from the U.S mainland. 2 went missing while being transported back to Russia. To my knowledge one was recovered the other one has not toy knowledge.

  18. Woof. Ive been smelling this puppy piss for months. He aint gonna do squat. Why does the rest of this planet just allow him to continue this embarrassing bully show?

  19. It's not like it would be the first time in history a country has attacked a superior country and signed their death warrart. Ww2 for instance.

  20. Some say the chances are low Putin is going to set off a nuke. He's a dying man that wants to leave his mark. Scared that he can't take his empire with him. All kinds of crazy shit could still happen as long as he's up and still moving. What a fuckn mess.

  21. Meh, he still has children that he likely wants to see live. He's manifestly a coward, hiding in his bunker at the end of a giant table.

  22. A dying man has nothing to lose. And "leaving a mark" can happen in a lot of ways for a sociopath.

  23. A Satan missile is probably right because it's development was used to just funnel tax money to the antichrist and it has no corporeal form.

  24. What would be the point? He fires one missile at the UK for some reason and NATO dumps it arsenal on Russia and turns it into Metro 2033.

  25. Funny. Considering how much the Russians claim to be strong followers of Christianity, it's quite the dissonance to be choosing the name of the devil for their nuclear weapons.

  26. Because he is actively murdering Ukrainians and it will be a disaster for them if we decide to lose interest. Russia winning isn't good for anyone. Africans and the ME better wake tf up to Russia starving them on purpose, and quit blaming the US. China better figure out that a strong Russia doesn't get them Taiwan. It loses them American markets. Brazil better notice, it's not the US threatening the peace. But I guess if you like right-wing authoritarians, please, close your eyes. We'll just let it spread to every corner of the world.

  27. He's just a miserable old relic of the cold war. Who honestly would rather blow the world to Hell and feel he died a hero. I fully believe he would happily push the button and watch the world burn. He is a dictator and always has been. Russia suffers with him in office.

  28. This motherfucker is delusional. How can he even think for a second that his outdated crap is superior to the technology currently used by the west. His whole shithole country gets fried seconds after he launches anything.

  29. when it comes to nukes a Russian firey explosion is gonna kill us just as well as a British firey explosion will kill Russians...

  30. And then what? He probably only has one missile since the rest of the money went to super yachts, Based on their equipment quality the missile will likely just fail to work and crash in a field where a Ukrainian farmer will tow it away with a tractor.

  31. Shouldn't we be past falling for Russia's whole "our military is so big and strong and scary and we have all the best stuff" act? Like would that missile actually fly? Are people sure it's not made of cardboard?

  32. Do you remember the words "Rocket-man it's on a suicide mission for himself and his regime" Now, sadly, they come to trueness once again. Lmao

  33. All jokes aside and for those saying just do it, it's plausible HE WILL DO IT. For Russia obviously killing and people dying are not a big deal. I mean they have lost 35k military and not one ounce of empathy. Every Russian is cannon fodder for Putin Ambitions. I think he will use nukes as last resort, however he will use them to get what he wants, at all costs.

  34. Do it then, come in, show the world that you never cared for Russia, for humanity, for anyone other then your own legacy

  35. As someone who grew up in Tennessee, I can safely say that every single human that uses Satan to illicit a fear reaction does so because they’re desperate for their audience to take them seriously.

  36. Glad someone told the host no one would survive this war. Also, given what we’ve seen of Russia thus far I’d have serious doubts about the absolute success of anything they do. Not to mention US subs that would decimate all of russias population. Also, nuclear radiation/winter. Pretty sure the mass starvation and elimination of russia forever isn’t appealibg

  37. Here we go again. The same threat over and over because the thieving war criminal Pootler isn't getting what he wants.

  38. Been living under the threat of nuclear war with Russia and North Korea since I was a child. It would only be fitting to end it all with a bang.

  39. Thats the NATO name, they should have given it some rediculous name insted, Lollopop II, Huggy Bear II, Putins Pee Pee II, Little Worm II.

  40. Again? This exact same threat has been echoing repeatedly from RuZZian sources for at least 3 months now. How the fuck do they still think anyone will take them seriously?

  41. If he launches one, it doesn't matter if it took 3 minutes, 6 minutes, or 11 minutes. If he doesn't launch one, it also doesn't matter. What a stupid headline.

  42. Putin isn't stupid unless he has a suicide pact with the devil to use his nukes. The UK would be hit in 3 minutes and with our boomers cruising off the Russian coast multiple cities in Russia would be turned into glass is about the same time frame and Moscow would be at the top of the list!

  43. Of course they are named "Satan II", but Russia launching nukes gives every nation on earth an excuse to invade Russia or pummel it with even more nukes.

  44. If Putin had really intended to attack the UK, he wouldn’t have announced this. Why would you tell your opponent about your weapons before using them? This is a poor attempt to intimidate.

  45. Well technology has made great leaps. But I'm sure there's all kinds of ways to hide weapons from an adversary. Who knows what they can do with satellites these days.

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