Inflation in Turkey: Researcher won’t hide the figures Erdogan doesn’t want to see. Turkish statistics institute established the inflation rate at 73.5 percent, the highest in the country since 1998 - an independent group of researchers puts the real rate at around 160.80 percent

  1. No no. You got it all wrong. See, its not so much that the cost of living is growing. This is totally different. It’s simply the prices for the things we usually buy on a regular basis, that are going up.

  2. Much of Turkey suffer from a similar form of mass delusion as Russia. There is a reluctance to face economic or political reality which is that Turkey is going backwards, and Erdogan is largely responsible.

  3. It has already slowed down or started doing it. Stocks/funds are down 20+- percent to their 2020 levels. Massive inflation accross the world. Interest rates being raised by USA which happens in ressesion time period. And they only started rasing them.

  4. The President has some odd belief that interest rates are not linked to inflation and so has often interfered to lower them against the advice of economists at the national bank.

  5. Clearly this economist is attempting to foment a coup against their fearless leader, and will be jailed incommunicado forthwith until he sees the error in his math.

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