Two people charged with conspiring to arrange the travel of a child into the UK in order to harvest organs

  1. Another day, another new way some people find to exploit others. Trafficking a child just to end up abusing them, killing them and harvesting their organs for profit? The depth of the evil here is unfathomable to me. I can’t understand why some people are even inclined to attempt anything like this.

  2. What’s behind it though? They were traffickers but who was planning to harvest organs and how? It requires medical professionals, fully equipped operating room etc. and then how organs would be transplanted, to whom? There is so much more going on here.

  3. Not necessarily. There was an article couple years back where a kid was sedated unconscious, removed his corneas, then left him in the field where they had found him and done this at.

  4. Here is a good interview with Annie Ikpa who fought against child sacrifice in Uganda. It gives some insight into these types of crimes.

  5. The male was the former deputy senate president in Nigeria. Recently lost a primary campaign of governor of his state.

  6. Glad they found the kid before harvesting happened.. Human trafficking for various reasons is incredibly fucked up. Shit like this is why people get separated at borders, to determine if anyone is being trafficked or programmed. Immigration reform is needed, but open borders for any nation just means more crime.

  7. Don't want to read that article because it will just make me sad that there are even people who would attempt this but obligatory

  8. Agreed, someone has to remember how to tie a noose and in this case I don't think fudging the drop calculation would be an issue.

  9. well that's really fucked up, how about you show them what it feel like and remove their organs one by one.

  10. Would you enjoy that? Wouldn't that make you a hypocrite and just as vile as the people you say you hate?

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