1st U.N. nuke ban treaty meeting urges "immediate action"

  1. The whole meeting boiled down to ”non-nuclear nations wants nuclear nations to remove their nukes” and no nuclear nation even attended the meeting

  2. Friction remains between non-nuclear countries that support the nuclear ban treaty and nuclear-weapon states. The ban treaty will work constructively with the NPT, as it recognizes the NPT as the "cornerstone of the disarmament and nonproliferation regime," according to the declaration.

  3. I still remember when I was in grade school having nuclear bomb drills in the early 60's, and wishing that by the time I grew older, there wouldn't be any more nuclear bombs, and there would be world peace.

  4. Ukraine gave up useless nuclear weapons. They didn't have the launch codes nor the financial capability to maintain it.

  5. No no let all countries have nukes so they can threat to take over their neighbors while having their fingers on the button. /s

  6. ELI5, what's the point of these when russia will never agree to anything of the sort as long as there current government is in place? Would even China?

  7. Like maybe this is the reason why you want to pick a fight with extraterrestrials that are stopping you from launching nuclear warheads

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